Xabi Prieto We have not grown up we need victories

Xabi Prieto

Xabi Prieto does not hide the disappointment that has led to the elimination in Copa Del Rey. Put hot paw to the bad dynamics that crosses the Real League. Starting with the last performance in the Metropolitan where Atletico assured the victory by two goals to one. Captain txuri urdin has acknowledged this morning. In Zubieta that the previous week has not been good that only has a football explanation. You see with the favorable score, in four minutes you have one goal to eliminate. The rival grows and there are no teams of First or Second B.

Xabi Prieto

Following the style of play, that Eusebio preaches since his arrival. We have been without a defined style for many years. Now that we have it, we will not hesitate. He said, adding immediately that we are a team with a ball. Taking the initiative, we feel comfortable but when we submitted. We do not Of course, he insisted we need victories I am convinced that we can achieve them and in the locker room, there is confidence. Continue reading “Xabi Prieto We have not grown up we need victories”

The chilling clause of rescission that put Messi in his new contract

Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of Barcelona, ​​has admitted that the renewal of Leo Messi’s contract has delayed since “a new contract” has drafted to “adapt the clause (from 300 to 700 million) to the current situation of football. This has admitted the Barça leader in statements to Barca TV. After the Paris Saint Germain (PSG) made effective the rescission clause of Neymar Jr (234 million euros) and hired the Brazilian, all the alarms went on at the Camp Nou. That in the new contract signed by the father of Leo Messi last June collected a clause of 300 million euros, affordable for the great fortunes that now run football clubs in Europe.


For that reason, the Barca put hands to the work as it has admitted the azulgrana president today. “The contract we signed in June, which was totally valid, was a contract that put Leo at the level of the great player he is, but in this new contract we have signed now we have done to adapt the clause to the current situation of football “, has said. Football is changing a lot, since this summer we have seen it. That is why the clause (300 million) we had to review it and now it goes to 700 million euros. Which places the player in the current moment of football,” he clarified. Continue reading “The chilling clause of rescission that put Messi in his new contract”

Chinese horoscope predicted the Russian World Cup

Russian World Cup

There are still more than eight months to go. We do not even know the groups that will have the 32 teams qualified for the World Cup. Several experts begin to make their assumptions about who will be the champion of the World Cup in Russia. The elimination of Italy has increased the controversy. These predictions are for the championship in the next Russian, summer. There is a very curious; the Chinese horoscope predicts that the winner of the title next 2018 will be the Brazilian national team. A historical condition presented since 1934.

Russian World Cup

All the times that a World Cup has presented since 1934 (in Italy, with the title for local), has been champion Italy or Brazil during the year of the dog. This happened in Sweden 1958 (champion Brazil), Mexico 1970 (Brazil), Spain 1982 (Italy), United States 1994 (Brazil) and France 2006 (Italy). With the elimination of Italy against Sweden on Monday in the European, repackage. This trend would ensure that the Russian World Cup champion would be the team led by Tite. Brazil was overwhelming in the qualifiers in South America, and has proven to be one of the best teams in the world. Continue reading “Chinese horoscope predicted the Russian World Cup”

Good chances for Handball World Cup in German Free-TV

Handball World Cup in German Free-TV

Good news for the German handball fans: The chances are good that the next two world championships in 2019 and 2021 will be on free TV again. The last two tournaments ran on pay TV on Sky (2015) or as an online stream on the homepage of a sponsor (2017). At that time, the Qatari rights holder beIN Sports had refused to sell the rights to ARD and ZDF or any other free-TV channel. Reason: By satellite, these stations are freely available in countries such as France, where beIN Sports Pay held rights to the World Handball Championships.

Handball World Cup in German Free-TV

According to SPORT BILD information, the Qataris will not play this time in the bidding for the rights for the 2019 and 2021 World Championships. The World Federation IHF wants to vote on the final award on Monday (13 November) at its congress in Turkey. In industry circles, experts are already firmly believe that the French marketer Lagardere gets there the contract. The tournaments will take place in 2019 in Germany and Denmark and 2021 in Egypt. Continue reading “Good chances for Handball World Cup in German Free-TV”

Never Miss A Beat With The CBS Sports App

If you follow sports, then you know that there can be a lot of time and effort involved on your end. Even if you only have a few teams that you watch, you have to be active and engaged to make sure that you don’t miss anything. Also, if you play fantasy sports, then it can be even more of a challenge to stay on top of your dream team. Fortunately, with the CBS sports app, you no longer have to search for information. Now, it all comes to you.

Getting Started

Once you download this sports app (it’s free, by the way), you will simply add the teams that you want to follow (don’t worry, you can update it later) and then the app will instantly track them for you.

It’s so simple to set up that you can be up and running in just a couple of minutes. Here’s what kind of stuff you can expect to receive from the app:

News Updates

When a player gets traded or injured, you will see a notification from the app. If any part of your team is covered in the news, you will be in the loop as soon as it happens. This is especially helpful when tracking fantasy sports.

Livescore App

Whenever your team plays, you will get an updated score as the game progresses. With this app, you no longer have to wait to find out the scores or be near a TV to see what’s happening. Your phone will do all the work for you. Continue reading “Never Miss A Beat With The CBS Sports App”

With blows and great archers Junior takes a point

With blows and great archers,

Junior pulled a valuable tie from his visit to Cerro Porteno, but he leaves with the feeling of having been able to have something more. Jorge Comesana’s team failed to open the scoring, and weighed the strong game to get the zero in a tough match in ‘Nueva Olla’ of Asuncion.

With blows and great archers,

Cerro started with a greater dominance, after a corner shot that nodded badly Leonardo Pico and almost got into the bow of Sebastian Viera in the first minute of the match. Rafael Perez fought a player in the 10th minute that did not see any of the judges. It was just one of the many faults that. Continue reading “With blows and great archers Junior takes a point”

Lutsenko shines in Santa Lucia sees the light

Lutsenko shines in Santa Lucia sees the light

The champion of the World sub 23 in 2012 premiered his record in a big thanks to an ascent that his rivals could not answer. He raised his arms in 4h.24.58 with 42 seconds ahead of the Eritrean Merhawi Kudus (Dimension Data) his immediate pursuers.

Lutsenko shines in Santa Lucia sees the light

The favorites were faced after a Froome attack that only Alberto Contador, Colombian Esteban Chaves (Orica) and Canadian Michael Woods (Cannondale) responded. The Madrilenian offered a positive version and led the group, which in turn put time to some favorites of the Vuelta. Continue reading “Lutsenko shines in Santa Lucia sees the light”

Side By Side Vehicles Are Becoming More Popular Than Ever

Have you noticed how people nearby where you live are enjoying a new hobby? It may even be the same hobby as yours. Custom recreational vehicles, such as Side By Side vehicles, are becoming more popular than ever all across the nation. There’s a clear reason why this should be so. Side By Side vehicles are more conveniently priced and easier to locate parts for than ever before. In many parts of the country, finding Side By Side vehicle accessories is almost as easy and common as finding parts for any top name modern car. As a result, this is one hobby that is meant to last.

Finding Parts For Your Side By Side Vehicle Is an Easy Task

What’s the worst part about owning a recreational vehicle? It certainly isn’t using it on all matter of terrain? Riding your vehicle in the countryside and having a blast is the reason your purchased it in the first place. But, unfortunately, there’s also a downside – or can be, if you let yourself treat it as such. When it’s time to buy parts for your Side By Side vehicle, some people really do choose to make it harder on themselves than it has to be. The fact is, when you need parts such as XD wheels and other accessories, you can choose to shop smart or keep on shopping the hard way.


What Is the Major Appeal of Owning a New Side By Side Vehicle?

There are many reasons why owning a new Side By Side vehicle may have a major appeal to many millions of people all across the world. These vehicles are very hardy and rugged. They are built to last. They are very versatile, as users can drive them around in all kinds of different terrain. Finally, as versatile as they are in all conditions, they are also extremely adaptable when it comes to customizing. You can order all manner of parts in order to fix up your Side By Side vehicle to the precise specs that you desire. This adaptability may be the ultimate source of their appeal. Continue reading “Side By Side Vehicles Are Becoming More Popular Than Ever”

Barcelona tries to sign this crack before the Supercopa vs Real Madrid


A Barcelona vs. Real Madrid will always be attractive. No matter the context, the templates, the departure of a player like Neymar or if Cristiano Ronaldo takes only ten days training after the holidays. The fervor increases if it is a final, as the two clubs will split for the Spanish Super Cup, two matches, starting at the Camp Nou. However, even though their forces are even, their gifts are not.


The atmosphere in Barcelona is not the best, after the departure of Neymar. The departure of the Brazilian left 222 million euros in the cobra’s blaugranas, but at the same time a number of problems. The first one is who replaces crack? Many have been names related to the Catalan team, but so far, these negotiations are quite complicated. One that was mentioned was the young Frenchman Kylian. The player did not even consider the interest and is about to sign with the PSG. Continue reading “Barcelona tries to sign this crack before the Supercopa vs Real Madrid”

The holes of the Tricolor to four weeks of the qualifiers


On August 31, the Colombia team will jump to the field of the Pueblo Nuevo stadium in San Cristobel (for now) to play the 15th qualifying round of the World Cup. The Tricolor will seek in the coming weeks to consolidate a very strong call, but the injury of James Rodriguez highlighted several very complex problems in the payroll.


James injury was a blow to the interests of the national team. The Colombian 10 left 63 minutes of the game of Bayern Munich against Liverpool, complaining about an injury. He was not part of the payroll that disputed the third place of the friendly match against Napoli, reason why the alarms arose. Continue reading “The holes of the Tricolor to four weeks of the qualifiers”