Xabi Prieto We have not grown up we need victories

Xabi Prieto does not hide the disappointment that has led to the elimination in Copa Del Rey. Put hot paw to the bad dynamics that crosses the Real League. Starting with the last performance in the Metropolitan where Atletico assured the victory by two goals to one. Captain txuri urdin has acknowledged this morning. In Zubieta that the previous week has not been good that only has a football explanation. You see with the favorable score, in four minutes you have one goal to eliminate. The rival grows and there are no teams of First or Second B.

Xabi Prieto

Following the style of play, that Eusebio preaches since his arrival. We have been without a defined style for many years. Now that we have it, we will not hesitate. He said, adding immediately that we are a team with a ball. Taking the initiative, we feel comfortable but when we submitted. We do not Of course, he insisted we need victories I am convinced that we can achieve them and in the locker room, there is confidence.

Prieto has denied the major to rule out that the Real has been able to become a predictable team. Within a style can evolve, we must insist on the search for balance, because there is improvement he said. He has settled a question about a possible relaxation of the team to the praise of the start of the course. We have not grown up. Not at all and as Eusebio has already insisted on more than one occasion. Prieto has repeated we have shown that if we are at our best level we can win anyone.

Winning titles is not an obligation

The midfielder has come to value the option of winning titles. A message launched by President Jokin Aperribay in his day. That with the elimination in Cup has moved away. I think it is not an obligation. We talk about it as a dream and a possibility because we know that we have to work hard to achieve it. Do not put brakes or limits I see it as something positive. We have a mature staff and with great enthusiasm.

Take off your face by Rulli and Vela

In his role as captain, Xabi Prieto has drawn his face for Gero Rulli and Carlos Vela two players who may not be going through their best moments. About the Mexican attacker, who in a month will pack for Los Angeles, has acknowledged. It is not having the role of the minutes you would like but I trust that before leaving you can contribute what you have already contributed to this club. He deserves a big farewell for everything he has given us.

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