With blows and great archers Junior takes a point

Junior pulled a valuable tie from his visit to Cerro Porteno, but he leaves with the feeling of having been able to have something more. Jorge Comesana’s team failed to open the scoring, and weighed the strong game to get the zero in a tough match in ‘Nueva Olla’ of Asuncion.

With blows and great archers,

Cerro started with a greater dominance, after a corner shot that nodded badly Leonardo Pico and almost got into the bow of Sebastian Viera in the first minute of the match. Rafael Perez fought a player in the 10th minute that did not see any of the judges. It was just one of the many faults that.

The game had options spread in the first half but the sharks criticized a struggle between Anthony Silva and James Sanchez who did not referee in the 31st minute and who would have been a penalty. Viera returned to be a prominent figure, leugo of a great shot by Juan José Aguirre who turned the corner kick in the 34th minute.

The second half did not have changes for both sides, but it did start much more moved, with a great performance of the goalkeepers. Both Viera and Silva earned their salary very prominently, although Junior was superior with the action of Yimmi Chara and Roberto Ovelar the absence of ‘Teo’ was not noticed in the game generation, but in the definition.

The Barranquilleros had started the second half in the midst of a real walk from Ovelar, Chará and Sánchez, but none of the three players could get the opening of the score. The reaction of the Paraguayan defenders and that of Silva, who took two acrobatic shots in the 64th and 66th minutes, was providential.

Although the team of Leonel Alvarez had less game, his defenders were efficient, and managed to have opportunities to counterattack. With Nelson Haedo Valdez at the end of the game, they tried to get a positive result, but the game was with a goalless draw that gives great advantages for the end of the series, in Barranquilla.