Why people do not accompany America in the Paschal

The team was saved from returning to the second division last year, was the protagonist in the auction of the championship. It started this season with the spirit through the roof. Jorge Da Silva is the creator of a group that wants to be up to the level of its history and is on the right track. For rejoicing that is more scarlet ‘Moth’ is showing another facet in this period of the year, with a more aggressive and at times hyper-aggressive team.

America in the Paschal

However, nothing motivates the people to fill the Guerrero stadium. It did in the return to the first division, a year ago. The players feel that they do not care for him and that is why they demand more support. America is a team that always fills in the bad wherever after the triumph against Patriots. Why is it that a fan as faithful as the one from America does not accompany the team? delivers five reasons that can help understand the scarlet disdain for these weeks.

1- Absence of idols  

America has very good players, but lacks the great stars that once knew how to have. Colombian soccer is not the same as in the 80s and 90s, but the big teams have a player to show and have a call. The first is very dear it is not one of those players who call the illusion of seeing good play. The left back, meanwhile, is not the same as four years ago. He lacks a lot in the physical and in the football to motivate people to attend the Olympic Stadium of the Branch of Heaven.

2- Comfort zone  

The previous year, the red devils had to live with the ghost of the descent all season. In this campaign, by the rules of the average, the Colorado’s breathe more relieved and that relaxes the rostrum. Despite flirting with the B, the scarlet fans supported the key matches, being a party dyed red the decisive game against Bucaramanga, on the last day of the previous championship. In this, the average of Valle del Cauca generates tranquility both to the team and to the fans. 3-

  1. Economic situation

Although the tickets to see the ‘Mechita’ in the Pascual Guerrero are not excessively expensive, going to football in Colombia became almost a luxury. In addition to the input, you have to think about the inputs to the interior of the stage, which are not exactly cheap.

4- Insecurity and violence  

The public conditions in Cali do not go through their best and in the stadium is not the exception. The events that occurred last year, especially in the classic Valle del Cauca, have frightened the stadium family. The mayor of the city, Maurice Armitage, declared war on the thugs of football and that battle without quarter takes its toll. Even the directors threatened to take the equipment from Cali to Bogota.

5- Mistrust in the team  

America strengthened well, but the public and even its fans do not believe that the team is up to achieving a title. Some rivals look better reinforced and the scarlet team for now is a dream.



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