What Should I Look For In A Golf Management Company?

At some point, many golf club owners will realize that they are in need of management services. Once you realize that your club would operate more effectively under professional supervision, it’s time to start thinking about which management company you should hire to help you. Below are three attributes you should look for in a golf management company:
Golf management companies1.) Extensive Experience In The Industry.

One attribute you should seek out in a golf management company is extensive experience in the industry. This attribute is important because the companies that have more experience will typically possess the knowledge and know-how necessary to keep your club in optimal condition. When you start looking for the ideal golf management company, note that the business Troon has been operative since 1990. You can typically determine how long a company has been in business by reviewing their website.

2.) Multiple Service Offerings.

Another attribute you should look for in a golf management company is whether they offer multiple services. Taking this step will ensure that you’ll be able to attain all of the assistance you need from one company rather than going through multiple businesses to obtain the services that will keep your golf club operative and successful. One way to determine whether a golf management company will be able to offer you all of the services you need is by seeing whether they have multiple departments. In many cases, a golf company might have some or all of the following departments:

  • Club Operations
  • Membership Sales & Marketing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Human Resources
  • Daily Fee Sales & Marketing
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Procurement
  • Risk Management
  • Design & Development
  • Legal
  • Information Technology

3.) Competitive Pricing.

Once business owners start looking for the right golf club company, they will likely examine their budget to see how much money they should set aside for the services. Typically, business owners don’t want to have to pay extraordinarily high fees to ensure that their golf club is aesthetically appealing, highly functional, cutting edge, etc. To ensure that you’re paying reasonable rates, compare and contrast the prices charged by at least three golf management companies before you select the organization that you’ll do business with!


Once you realize that your golf club is in need of management services, it’s time to start looking for the right company. Although each management company will have substantive differences, the best ones typically have several attributes in common. Some of those attributes will include extensive experience in managing golf clubs, multiple service offerings, and competitive pricing. Once you’ve found a management company that possesses all of these attributes, you’ve probably located a team of professionals who will offer you the exemplary, expedient services you’re seeking!

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