The Juve to semifinals after tie at the Camp Nou

Barcelona there was no second miracle at the Camp Nou, where Barcelona, ​​in the last European game of Luis Enrique in the Barca bench, tied without goals and was unable to overcome the 3-0 that came from Turin against a solid Juventus Who controlled the game at all times and never saw danger to his pass to the semifinals.

Today was another team different Barca, with tension that is more competitive but that was not enough. The ballast of the first leg was too heavy and despite trying it in every way (20 shots), the azulgranas were not very successful (two shots between the three sticks). Those who thought that the match could be a copy of the one lived more than a month before the Paris Saint Germain were wrong. Neither Juve played like the Parisians nor was Allegri’s approach that of Emery.


They went looking for the youths to Barca from the beginning they forced the losses of the azulgranas and were met with a referee who let plays a lot which initially uncontrolled Luis Enrique’s team against a very physical opponent.

It recovered the Juventus and it went against with the speed of Dybala or of Square and had the reference of Higuain in attack. The Argentine was the first to try (min.13) but after 15 minutes things changed. Barça started to see the road. Busquets was recovering closer to the Turin side the game was centered on the left with Neymar, Alba as protagonists Messi sought the ball, and Iniesta claimed his share.

A shot from Rakitic and a diagonal pass from Messi over Alba were the first warnings, Although the closest one was the Argentine who on the best occasion of the first half crossed the ball too much with Buffon already beaten (min.19).

With the passing of the minutes, Juventus increasingly gathered their lines over their goal and was less prodigated in attack. Barça had the ball but did not generate too much football beyond plays with more heart than head a bad symptom for the locals.

In addition, the disconcerting arbitration of Kuipers decentered the Barca, especially to Neymar. Before the break, Messi had a double chance in 31, but Juventus stretched and agitated through Higuain who shot poorly when he was in very good position (min.38).

Consumed the first chapter the Barcelona knew that it needed something more to try to disturb a rival with much office and that it did not decompose in any moment. So Luis Enrique, as did Johan Cruyff with Alexanko, ordered Piqué to play practically improvised forward for many minutes.

But it did not work. In an error of Alba, Square was able to overtake his team (min. 50) and from then on, Messi capitalized the game of attack of the Barça. The ten azulgrana had three good chances, all with shots from outside the area that were about to surprise Buffon.

Luis Enrique put everything in play with the entry of Paco by Rakitic in the 58th minute. The azulgranas controlled, they arrived but they were with the wall raised by Allegri and when they surpassed they were not able to tune their marksmanship.

With the passing of the minutes the game of Barcelona was thinning. The script of the match did not change at any time and in the final stretch with the locals overturned on the opposite field, Juventus had a couple of good chances to take even the victory.