The holes of the Tricolor to four weeks of the qualifiers

On August 31, the Colombia team will jump to the field of the Pueblo Nuevo stadium in San Cristobel (for now) to play the 15th qualifying round of the World Cup. The Tricolor will seek in the coming weeks to consolidate a very strong call, but the injury of James Rodriguez highlighted several very complex problems in the payroll.


James injury was a blow to the interests of the national team. The Colombian 10 left 63 minutes of the game of Bayern Munich against Liverpool, complaining about an injury. He was not part of the payroll that disputed the third place of the friendly match against Napoli, reason why the alarms arose.

In a statement, the Bavarian team stressed that his new player suffered a muscle injury in the right thigh that will have it for several weeks. According to the German tabloid newspaper Bild, he would be injured for at least four weeks, which would make him unable to play against Venezuela and arrive very fair for the match against Brazil on September 5 in Barranquilla.

His replacement would be Edwin Cardona, one of the Tricolor players with best moment in his new team, Boca Juniors. Under the command of Guillermo Barrios Stiletto, he has consolidated very quickly in the title with a outstanding performance in the beginning of his preseason. This is aggravated, mainly, because its main substitute is injured.

Camilo Vargas, a regular at the Colombian bank, returned from Cali to Athletic National with a blow to his right knee. In addition, it is unlikely that Juan Manuel Lillo will continue to have Franco Armani ahead.

The mistrust on the left

While the defensive line has stable to Santiago Arias, Cristian Zapata and Yerry Mina, the left band is very dubious. Farid Diaz has disappeared with his transfer to the Olimpia of Paraguay, and with 34 years begins to need the presence of a replacement for the next world cups.

The main contenders are Steffan Medina and Deliver Machado, but both have their problems. Medina has been very resisted by his poor performance in the Tricolor matches he has played but maintains a good level in Mexican football. Machado, recently unpacked to the Gent of Belgium comes from a great moment with Millionaires but his situation is unknown.


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