Strength training for rugby

strength training for rugby

Rugby is a rigorous and full contact sport that requires tremendous physical strength and endurance. Because the rugby season involves training and other activities, the off-season presents the best opportunity for rugby players to improve their physical strength through weight lifting activities and others. Strength training for rugby helps maximize performance and minimize injury. A variety of approaches to strength training, but players must remember that any program take should train like rugby players, rather than as bodybuilders.

Rugby Football Union

The Rugby Football Union or Rugby Union (RFU, for its acronym in English) is the governing body of English rugby. On its website the strength training programs for rugby players of all ages are described, from young adults. Your training program for young players, for example, is designed for use at school, home or a local rugby club and only requires minimal equipment such as a medicine ball and a set of adjustable dumbbells.

strength training for rugby

RFU programs emphasize developing muscular endurance as well as strength. The weight training exercises in the program advise 30 seconds of rest between sets and increase the number of repetitions as the resistance increases. Continue reading “Strength training for rugby”