NBA: Magic night Klay Thompson, 37 points in a single room

Players from the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings are already on the track of Oracle Arena to resume the second half. No one is there or who follow the game from their homes knows that, over the third quarter, will witness a historic moment, starring Klay Thompson.

The Warriors earned break of 5 points, but a partial start of the Kings put to Sacramento 2 above, 56-58. By then, everyone thought the eighteenth consecutive victory for the Warriors home would cost much more than expected, but Thompson was to pave the road with a display that will look to the annals of history.

klay thompson

The Warriors were to achieve 41 points in the third quarter, and 37 of them were to be signed by their star guard. In a series of impossible triple penetrations and even an alley-hop with Curry as an assistant, Thompson added 37 points in a single room, without fail, to break several records during that night. Continue reading “NBA: Magic night Klay Thompson, 37 points in a single room”