Tips for improving fitness for tennis

Playing tennis requires a combination of muscular endurance, anaerobic conditioning, speed, quickness, agility and flexibility. It is crucial to understand that this sport is based more on endurance than strength and in good aerobic anaerobic condition. If you plan your training based on this information, you can get fit in the most fitness for tennis.

Muscle conditioning

While large muscles help you generate racquet speed is more important that you can use your muscles with maximum intensity during a tennis match several hours. As your season approaches (and during), concentrate on your muscle strength, explosive strength and resilience rather than gain muscle mass.

fitness for tennis

Muscle training

You can use dumbbells to do exercises like bicep curls, tricep extensions, squats (squats), lunges (lunges), openings, chest press and deadlift (deadlifts). Uses 50 percent of your maximum weight and takes eight to 10 repetitions of each exercise. Take a break for a minute and then start a new exercise. To improve your explosive strength, performs exercises deadlifts, box squats, box jumps (jumps box) and one leg and squat jumps (split-squat jumps). To improve your reaction, allowing you to coordinate two movements like bending the knee back and push up on a hit, you can perform jumps shock, deep, ankle, with rope, strides and sprint. Continue reading “Tips for improving fitness for tennis”