How to buy spinning bikes

buy spinning bike

There are many aspects to look out for buying a spinning bike. Depending on your physiological conditions you should give more or less importance to certain aspects. And depending on the use you’re going to do with it. In this post we want to show those areas in which to look out for when buy spinning bikes.

A flywheel spinning bike

The size of the flywheel shown in Kg, in the market you will find models ranging from 14-25 Kg. Higher harder to have to make and keep pedaling cadence. If your training volume is not high, we recommend you do not abuse the weight. However if you are already an experienced rider, you can use more weight.

buy spinning bike

To have a good sense of pedaling, and to exercise certain guarantees we recommend models that have at least 16kg flywheel.


It is responsible for generating the steering movement of inertia, when you pedal. You can find two types of transmission: Continue reading “How to buy spinning bikes”