Choosing bicycle clothing

bicycle clothing

The bicycle clothing is an important supplement for all people who practice this sport. Many people do not get the attention it deserves and believe they can ride a bike with normal shirt and shorts. If not practice this sport with cycling clothing suitable we can have some problems and even physical comfort. Therefore in the following article we explain how to choose the best bicycle clothing.


There are several things that must be taken into account when choosing cycling clothing such as sex, size you use; the utility will give these clothes, that type of cycling practices, etc. According to these features will choose a type of clothing or another.

bicycle clothing

The first thing we consider is whether we want a jersey tank top with short sleeves or long sleeves. This will depend on the climate that we have in our population, because if it’s a hot climate will use short-sleeved or sleeveless and if cold weather long sleeves, but if we can have a piece of clothing for summer and one for winter. Continue reading “Choosing bicycle clothing”