What are the benefits of jogging

benefits of jogging

Jogging is considered the best aerobic sport for cardiovascular health and burning calories. Many people jog daily 5 or 10 kilometers, motivates them know they have reached a new milestone, love to be gaining more strength, but do not know for sure all the benefits that this discipline offers. If you are an avid jogger or you are thinking encourage you to accelerate the pace of your walks, read carefully this article that you know what the benefits of jogging.


The first benefit of jogging is that it helps improve aerobic capacity of the organism , which results in improvement of the respiratory system, allowing the body to get more oxygen in the blood, brain and lungs, which, evidently increases the physical strength of the person.

benefits of jogging

And aerobic capacity significantly involved in the functioning of the respiratory system, so does in the cardiovascular system . When a person stimulates aerobic capacity can also enjoy an excellent circulation in your body, which allows to transport vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the muscles, undoubtedly one of the benefits of jogging for the body. Continue reading “What are the benefits of jogging”