Teaching basic basketball skills

The basketball may seem a difficult game, but anyone can be competitive to master these three specific skills: dribble, shoot the ball and play defense. As a coach of youth, teach these three skills must be the focus of their work. To teach children the basic basketball skills, you need to know the mechanism behind each of these skills.

Dribble seems simple, but in reality can be a bit more complicated. At first ask each one of your players hit the ball up and down with both hands. When you feel that they are already dominating with both hands, ask to do the same with just one hand. Now comes the hard part. Ask to hit the ball with one hand and without looking at the ball. This is perhaps the most important key skill for being a good basketball player and is important to teach her even at the beginning of all.

basketball skills

Then comes the pitch. Instead of just letting his players hurl the ball in any way to the basket, you must teach them the best way to do this. Start with your feet. Player feet should be far apart on the same shoulder width when the player is preparing to shoot. Continue reading “Teaching basic basketball skills”