Barcelona thrashed 3-0 at Bayern

The Barcelona has one foot in the final of the Champions League 2014-2015 after winning the first leg of the semifinals by a clear 3-0 at Bayern Munich. All supposed to be equal to this tie has been broken after the meeting of the Camp Nou, or rather, after that last quarter hour of game in which all three goals have come from Barca.

In fact, the meeting has not been enough to ensure that the scores reflect much difference between the two teams. The two teams were able to be measured both face to face, without fear and without equivocation, as to neutralize each other, thus ending the first few minutes of absolutely crazy game. The 0-0 seemed thing done, because time was running out and nobody was already able to change that.


No one except Leo Messi. Argentina would be the differentiating factor of the game. His would be the first two goals of the match and assistance for Neymar achieved the final 3-0. However, also in the last quarter hour of the meeting, without reaction time for Bayern to come to Germany from Barcelona and will not yet assimilated the blow that has been in this game. Continue reading “Barcelona thrashed 3-0 at Bayern”

Barcelona and Juve are ahead in their qualifying


The Barcelona has won at Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium by 1-2; a marker that would pose should pass to the quarterfinals without much trouble as the English side would have to do at least two goals in the Camp Nou. Still, the feeling is that the club has missed the opportunity to completely close the tie with a higher score.

The first half of Barcelona was very good, thanks to Messi who dominated the game in every corner of the land, thanks to the City, whose output was indecipherable approach to expert eyes. Argentino aside, the protagonist would be whistled Luis Suarez, who would score two goals that put Barca in a fairly straightforward situation.


In the second half, the City improved and result of this came the goal Aguero, a superb assistance Silva. Self expulsion of Clichy, who made more than enough merit to go to the street, put back the stage for players that were reserved, perhaps for fear of a lethal against as 1-2. Finally, another gift, this Zabaleta, put Messi in tray 1-2, but Leo missed the penalty and the rebound into the empty net. Continue reading “Barcelona and Juve are ahead in their qualifying”

2014-2015 Copa del Rey: Barcelona and Espanyol take advantage from the first leg


Who was going to say to Villarreal that with how well it started the second half, would end almost goodbye to the chance to play the final of the Copa Del Rey. Just two minutes after the game resumed, Manu Trigueros managed the equalizer 1, a distant shot that swallowed ter Stegen, but the joy lasted him little good team Castellon.

The goal of Trigueros equaled a game in commanding the Barcelona with a goal from Argentine Leo Messi, served on a platter by the Uruguayan Luis Suarez, near the end of the first half. But as we say, the joy was short for groguets, because practically on the next play Andres Iniesta ahead relocating to Barcelona, ending a somewhat convoluted play.


A standing in a corner, shot the central Gerard Pique was the third and the rhythm playing Barcelona, it seemed that the room was a matter of time. He got his big break in penalty kick not released Messi, but Neymar, but the Brazilian was met with a great response from Sergio Asenjo. So, 3-1 broad result but it could have been worse for Villarreal and tenth straight win for Luis Enrique. Continue reading “2014-2015 Copa del Rey: Barcelona and Espanyol take advantage from the first leg”