Angela Saviors best young player in Europe in 2014

A Spanish girl named Angela Saviors has been voted the best young player in Europe in 2014. An award that comes this young basketball player at just 17 years old, becoming the youngest who has achieved this award is delivering FIBA Europe since 2005.

Saviors birth Asturian exceeded in a close vote to another Spanish player, Astou Ndour, who won precisely in 2013. The French base Olivia Epoupa closed the top-3, while the other Spanish that appeared among the ten candidates, Leticia Romero, ranked ninth.

angela saviors

The Spanish Saviors was not the most voted by fans, classification that clearly highlighted the Turkish Cansu Koksal with almost 9000 votes. But yes it was the best score obtained by the jury of experts, so then to merge the two classifications was the winner, having more impact sworn officer’s opinion that the votes of fans across the network. Continue reading “Angela Saviors best young player in Europe in 2014”