Best agility drills

agility drills

Most sports require more speed in a straight line. The ability to stop and change direction quickly and efficiently is known as agility drills. The coaches in various sports exercises designed to develop your agility. In each of these exercises you must make cuts of 90 degrees, which put too much emphasis on typical movements required in the competition. The key of each exercise is to sink the hips and lean forward slightly to lower the center of gravity while you accelerate feet through redirection.

Exercises in box

The most common agility drills is exercise within a square, used by most football coaches. 4 cones are placed 5 to 10 yards (4.5 to 9 m) in a square. In the most common version of exercise, you run to the first cone before running laterally to the second cone, reversed in the third cone and randomly go up to the starting point. At every turn of 90 degrees, you should accelerate your feet as you slow the movement of the rest of your body.

agility drills

Defensive Landslides

Defensive slides were used by basketball coaches for decades. Each change of direction in the exercise is 90 degrees; a significant cut which can be performed in a deep defensive posture. All players are positioned in lines of three or four, with a coach in front ordering them to move forward, backward, left or right in the proper defensive position. Stand and change direction while maintaining an open base with your feet is somewhat uncomfortable at first, hence this exercise, albeit simple, improve it takes time. Continue reading “Best agility drills”