Six Nations 2015: All to play for in the absence of a day

Go last day awaits us in this Six Nations 2015 Rugby with three teams tied at the top of the standings. England, Ireland and Wales, in that order, commanding general with three wins and one defeat, a fact that leaves everything open face the Next weekend, when the final winner will be decided.

England solved their match against Scotland (25-13) as expected, but he did it with more trouble than expected. The Scots, last and all the ballots to win the Wooden Spoon, left to rest with the lead (10-13). This circumstance led to the departure of the English waterspout that within minutes turned the result and paved the way for a crucial victory to their ambitions. The Scots fell dignity and had to throw the tie, but England would sentence immediately.

six nations 2015

The British therefore not fail, knowing the outcome in the Wales-Ireland, undoubtedly the key meeting of the fourth day. Finally decided to use the balance in favor of Welsh (23-16), who began the clash sweeping and then withstood the attacks of his rival.

With a clear 20-9, Ireland sought the comeback and it was put only 4 ( 20-16), determined not to miss the opportunity to proclaim virtual winner. But Wales resisted the siege and entrainment shock with a penalty stroke, but then forgave excess Ireland and although they had their options.

Thus, thanks to the triumph of England against Scotland, the three are tied and no direct duels between them, so the average will be decisive. Ireland (+33) has many ballots as they will face Scotland, while England (+37) and Wales (+12) seek the greatest possible difference against France and Italy respectively.