Rugby World Cup 2015: well have been the quarterfinals

The Southern Hemisphere was with the North. Well summarized in one sentence the quarterfinals of the Rugby World Cup 2015. I wanted the chance (or rather, the results of the first phase) that the powers of the southern hemisphere to cross against the powers of the northern hemisphere in the four playoffs, and the result have been overwhelming.

South Africa’s first quarterfinal match was the 23-19 defeat by Wales. It was a tough match, played at a high intensity and gets a point which cost sweat and blood. Thanks to the success of Biggard, Wales became long commanded the scoreboard but in the end the South African comeback was completed with an essay by scrum half Fourie du Preez, jumper with six minutes remaining.

rugby world cup 2015

The Springboks will face in the semifinals favorite, New Zealand, in their quarter swept France by 62-13. The All Blacks and XV Del Gallo reedited the World Cup final four years ago but the party does not seem at all to him, in which France had against the ropes New Zealanders. Julian Savea, with three trials, and Dan Carter with seven changes were team leaders of the ocean.

On Sunday, Argentina and Ireland fought the third quarterfinal match. Those of clover were the great European hope but the start of the match Pumas, with 20 points in the first 20 minutes, threw overland options. Although Ireland scored the equalizer and that would have changed things, Argentina returned to leak to bring the score to 20-38 ends.

The last quarterfinal match was measuring to Australia and Scotland. All suggested a comfortable victory for the Aussies but experienced enough to subdue Scotland; in the absence of a couple of minutes was leading 32-34 after tough game. At the end luck was the Australian side, as Foley did not waste a penalty stroke, very controversial indeed, to put the 35-32 and Australia in the semifinals.