All drivers well protected for the Dakar 2017

One of the toughest events in the world of competition is about to begin, the Dakar Rally, is on the doorstep of his edition 2017, so it is a lot of expectation in the competition on four and two wheels, so all eyes Put in a year that we do not have a clear favorite in any of the categories that will dispute this test.

In these moments all the drivers and teams are preparing physically, technically and mechanically for 2017 edition is expected of the most difficult and extreme, being one of the mainstays of each edition the increasing safety and protection among participants. Therefore, the kit in the pilots is essential to participate with guarantees, being in the pilots of two wheels, motorcycle helmets, one of the most important steps to begin the adventure, as they have to go well protected in any situation and Condition, looking for the best helmet companion for this type of challenge.

dakar 2017

It should also be well protected in the eyes, hands and good motorcycle jackets as there are conditions of all kinds, from moments of incredible heat to extreme cold tap withstand the limit conditions during testing in general. These protections are essential to minimize damage as far as possible in the event of a fall or suffer unexpected conditions.

The cervical protector, which has saved many lives since it was introduced in the Dakar in 2007, is made of carbon fiber to provide light and is anchored breastplate pilot, down jacket, its main function is to protect the neck And prevent the whiplash effect of producing cervical lesions. The neck brace prevents the neck from stretching too far forward, and that in the recoil it flexes dangerously backwards and the vertebrae are invoiced. Also protects the chest and shoulders with protections, as well as backrest and elbows.

Closing the full kit with orthopedic kneepads and boots , which must be rigid but that fit perfectly and are comfortable, as it has to spend many hours on the bike, and have to go protected and comfortable to fight in every Situation and during all the days of the competition.