2015 Handball World: Thierry Omeyer tournament MVP

2015 handball world

Surf and after the 2015 World Handball, we review below who were awarded individual players throughout the tournament. And for that, we begin with the award for best player of the tournament, the MVP, who has gone as expected, at the hands of a player in France, the team that won the gold medal.

The MVP was for Thierry Omeyer, veteran goalkeeper Bleus. Omeyer has not been the best goalkeeper in the tournament percentage, for that honor has the German Carsten Lichtlein, but the one that has made stops in total. In addition, its performance in key moments of the semifinals and the final was very high, to the point that not yield to that level France would not have taken his fifth World.

2015 handball world

Omeyer heads as best goalkeeper of the tournament the ideal team, which has cast a Spanish player: Valero Rivera. The son of the coach of Qatar has been voted the best left end of the tournament, deserved award after being the top scorer in the Spanish selection and sixth of the entire championship, highlighting its effectiveness above 80%, the best among Tops scorers. Continue reading “2015 Handball World: Thierry Omeyer tournament MVP”

Advice and tips for winter Cycling

Winter Cycling, it is possible. Just add a few accessories to his bicycle, to dress warmly and to adapt his behavior to the season. Advice and tips for riding bike in winter.

Driving in winter is a totally different sport that performed the rest of the year. First, the cold season of cyclists out in general less often and for shorter rides. They also need to adapt their bike and their driving to winter conditions, taking into account temperature, mound and the inevitable ice patches.

tips for winter cycling

Road bike or mountain bike?

The best winter cycling is the simplest. As it will be exposed to salt, it will rust faster. No need, therefore, to pay dearly and choose a model provided many speeds and options. A bicycle without derailleur poses fewer mechanical problems. Otherwise, it is better not change gear. The single speed bicycles equipped with coaster brakes provide an interesting option. Continue reading “Advice and tips for winter Cycling”

Australia Open 2015: Novak Djokovic beats Murray and five-time champion

The Serbian Novak Djokovic – World number one – he is the king of Australia absolutely in the Open Era after adding his fifth title in the first Slam of the season on Sunday in four sets on the British Andy Murray (6) which aimed for the fourth time the title.

The match was intensely contested and had an uncertain outcome to average midway through the third set. From their Djokovic win 12 of 13 games, nine of them in the form followed to close in white the fourth set and enter the legend of tennis Australian soil.

novak djokovic

The classic was as expected, bitter from the start. Long rallies, tireless defenses on both sides, fine touches with racket and sticks from baseline were the common denominator. He did not walk fine services in the first round. Ineffectiveness with the first serve and therefore the remainder had the advantage. So that four breaks of serve and only they would tie-break- decide the winner. Murray had twice advantage in roulette but Djokovic did not give up and took sleeve by a closed 7-6 (7-5). Continue reading “Australia Open 2015: Novak Djokovic beats Murray and five-time champion”

Red Bull and Toro Rosso shows their new cars

This Sunday begins the season of Formula 1 at the Circuito de Jerez so almost all championship teams already have their new cars on track. A few days ago we reviewed the new designs of teams like Ferrari, McLaren-Honda or Lotus and now we look at Toro Rosso, Mercedes and Red Bull have been the last to let us see their cars.

All these teams have shown their cars on the Jerez track itself. On Saturday afternoon saw the STR-10, the car of Toro Rosso in which we look many fans Spanish by the presence of Carlos Sainz Jr. The Madrid pilot discovered the car with teammate Max Verstappen. The team’s goal is to be fifth in the constructors’ championship and will do so with the support of Spanish brands such as Cepsa follows in the project team of Faenza and Estrella Galicia 0.0 has been joined in recent days.

Toro Rosso

The aim of Mercedes is to repeat the title won last year. This could not have designed the W06 Hybrid, an evolution of the machine that razed in 2014 having aerodynamic, structural and mechanical improvements. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg discovered the new ‘Silver Arrow’ in Jerez which presents a more streamlined nose but no radical changes since it did not need. Continue reading “Red Bull and Toro Rosso shows their new cars”

Tips for improving fitness for tennis

Playing tennis requires a combination of muscular endurance, anaerobic conditioning, speed, quickness, agility and flexibility. It is crucial to understand that this sport is based more on endurance than strength and in good aerobic anaerobic condition. If you plan your training based on this information, you can get fit in the most fitness for tennis.

Muscle conditioning

While large muscles help you generate racquet speed is more important that you can use your muscles with maximum intensity during a tennis match several hours. As your season approaches (and during), concentrate on your muscle strength, explosive strength and resilience rather than gain muscle mass.

fitness for tennis

Muscle training

You can use dumbbells to do exercises like bicep curls, tricep extensions, squats (squats), lunges (lunges), openings, chest press and deadlift (deadlifts). Uses 50 percent of your maximum weight and takes eight to 10 repetitions of each exercise. Take a break for a minute and then start a new exercise. To improve your explosive strength, performs exercises deadlifts, box squats, box jumps (jumps box) and one leg and squat jumps (split-squat jumps). To improve your reaction, allowing you to coordinate two movements like bending the knee back and push up on a hit, you can perform jumps shock, deep, ankle, with rope, strides and sprint. Continue reading “Tips for improving fitness for tennis”

Australia Open 2015: Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova finalist

The two best female tennis rackets American Serena Williams and Russian Maria Sharapova won their right to fight for the title at Melbourne Park on Thursday after winning their respective semifinal matchups without major upheavals.

In history the smallest of the Williams has a vast superiority having won sixteen of the eighteen duels between them including the last 15 matchups. For Sharapova is the final tenth of a Grand Slam. Williams reaches final number 23 with the possibility of reaching his 19th title.

maria sharapova

He opened the Siberian Sharapova to compatriot Ekaterina Makarova – tenth favorite – imposing 6-3 6-2 to reach his tenth Grand Slams definition. In the first set the former world number one started with all the lights adding three straight games. Continue reading “Australia Open 2015: Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova finalist”

Australia Open 2015: Andy Murray defeats Kyrgios

The Scot Andy Murray – sixth seed – won in straight sets Tuesday at Melbourne Park to young local star Nick Kyrgios and thus stood in Open semifinals where he has already been a finalist twice.

‘Muzza’ will play against Tomas Berdych in the previous instance to Sunday’s final. The Czech on the same day but earlier had liquidated Rafa Nadal. In Central has lost the last two games having negative record 4-6.

andy murray

Wimbledon champion in 2013 brought out his greater experience against an opponent eight years younger and was looking to be the first Australian to reach the semifinals on home soil after several years. Suffice a break in the sixth game of the first set and take it 6-3 below. Continue reading “Australia Open 2015: Andy Murray defeats Kyrgios”

Australia Open 2015: Serena Williams and Wawrinka advance

The defending champion Australia Open, the Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka (4) continues to race after soundly defeating the Japanese Kei Nishikori (5) in straight sets on Wednesday at Melbourne Park with reaching the semifinals to that already came Tomas Berdych who beat Rafa Nadal and Andy Murray who beat Nick Kyrgios.

Among women Serena Williams said keep the world number one and his presence in the semifinals after winning easily Slovak Dominika Cibulkova (11). Meanwhile young Madison Keys got first rank semifinals of a Grand Slam, defeating former champion and number one Open, his compatriot Venus Williams.

serena williams

Nishikori was one of the toughest tests to Wawrinka in the previous. He came to beat in the US Open and also in the week wore on a very high level as when swept to David Ferrer in the quarterfinals. But the Swiss play defending champion. Very firm with long and sharp setback, Wawrinka put Nishikori in frank defense. Continue reading “Australia Open 2015: Serena Williams and Wawrinka advance”

Australia Open 2015: Rafael Nadal, Berdych and Sharapova to quarterfinals

Rafael Nadal – Third seed – Sunday exceeded the risk meant punch confront the powerful South African Kevin Anderson (14) and defeated in straight sets showing that the parties been recovering the level of competition. Already in the quarterfinals and opponent have: Tomas Berdych (7), which in turn won the Australian Bernard Tomic equally fast track.

Among women there are already three quarters classified to the Russian Maria Sharapova (2) go to that instance by the Canadian Eugenie Bouchard (7) in addition to the Russian Ekaterina Makarova (10). Of the three only Bouchard needed three sets to advance.

rafa nadal

Rafa played today convincingly before the giant 2.03 meters, Kevin Anderson and won fairly and especially without extending unnecessary time on the track. The Spaniard only had real problems in the first set where he had to lift up to five breakpoints showing his usual grit and finish took him to a ‘break’ 7-5. Continue reading “Australia Open 2015: Rafael Nadal, Berdych and Sharapova to quarterfinals”

NBA: Magic night Klay Thompson, 37 points in a single room

Players from the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings are already on the track of Oracle Arena to resume the second half. No one is there or who follow the game from their homes knows that, over the third quarter, will witness a historic moment, starring Klay Thompson.

The Warriors earned break of 5 points, but a partial start of the Kings put to Sacramento 2 above, 56-58. By then, everyone thought the eighteenth consecutive victory for the Warriors home would cost much more than expected, but Thompson was to pave the road with a display that will look to the annals of history.

klay thompson

The Warriors were to achieve 41 points in the third quarter, and 37 of them were to be signed by their star guard. In a series of impossible triple penetrations and even an alley-hop with Curry as an assistant, Thompson added 37 points in a single room, without fail, to break several records during that night. Continue reading “NBA: Magic night Klay Thompson, 37 points in a single room”