Portugal plays a final in the Confederations against Russia

Portugal will face Russia in the opening match of the Confederations Cup on Wednesday in Moscow the match is marked by the clutter surrounding the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo. This Tuesday, Spanish judicial authorities announced that Ronaldo has been summoned to declare next July 31 as being investigated for an alleged crime of tax fraud, as the prosecution suspects that the player might have concealed an amount of 14.7 million Euros for their image rights.


According to the Portuguese press, this complaint has caused the player to be upset with Real Madrid considering that he has not been defended by his club and that he would have asked his agent to change airs for the next season. White president Florentino Perez said Monday night in a radio interview that Real Madrid does not contemplate that he can leave at this time.

He’s a Madrid player right now, something strange would have to happen to get him out Insisted on Onda Cero, although he admitted that Ronaldo feels hurt and may be right, because he has not had the will to hide anything from anyone” on the tax issue.  We are professionals and here we are thinking only to give the maximum to reach as far as possible in this competition and enjoy a tournament that Portugal has never played,” said Portuguese central Pepe. Continue reading “Portugal plays a final in the Confederations against Russia”

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid in July

Cristiano-RonaldoThe player would be very outraged by everything related to the process for which he is being investigated. Even Cristiano Ronaldo who is focused on the selection of Portugal for the Confederations Cup of Russia, would have communicated the decision to the president of Real Madrid Florentino Perez, always according to the same media.
Ronaldo’s environment would have assured the newspaper that the player would be interested in other leagues such as the English, French, Italian or even the Chinese league. The most intimate circle of the Portuguese would have told the Portuguese newspaper that he does not want to be a victim of persecution or circus clown. In the news, which covers the cover of the newspaper, explain that the decision to leave Spain would have been taken two or three months ago and could be made public after a holiday period that Ronaldo will enjoy after the Confederations Cup. Continue reading “Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid in July”

The winner of the race

Juan Pablo Montoya finished sixth in the Indianapolis 500, won by Japan’s Takuma Sato. The race was carried out by the accidents and the retirement of the Fernando Alonso. Gabby Chaves was ninth and Carlos Munoz, tenth.

The Colombian driver was very intelligent since the beginning of the race. He started from the 18th position, but he was controlling every vital aspect of his car. He did not risk much in the first turns and always tried to follow the suction of the cars that were ahead. However, the only problem was that in the first supply had problems.


From there on, he was gaining positions. He risked where he had to risk. Little by little, it was put in zone to go by the battle by the triumph. The accidents that he had before him made him win and he could not get out of any shock. With 12 laps to go out in seventh place, but could not with the pace that put Helio Castroneves and Takuma Sato, who in the end took the win in a very rugged race. Juan Pablo Montoya was sixth in the Indianapolis 500, Gabby Chaves in the ninth and Carlos Munoz in the tenth. It was a good Colombian participation. Continue reading “The winner of the race”

The Juve to semifinals after tie at the Camp Nou

Barcelona there was no second miracle at the Camp Nou, where Barcelona, ​​in the last European game of Luis Enrique in the Barca bench, tied without goals and was unable to overcome the 3-0 that came from Turin against a solid Juventus Who controlled the game at all times and never saw danger to his pass to the semifinals.

Today was another team different Barca, with tension that is more competitive but that was not enough. The ballast of the first leg was too heavy and despite trying it in every way (20 shots), the azulgranas were not very successful (two shots between the three sticks). Those who thought that the match could be a copy of the one lived more than a month before the Paris Saint Germain were wrong. Neither Juve played like the Parisians nor was Allegri’s approach that of Emery.


They went looking for the youths to Barca from the beginning they forced the losses of the azulgranas and were met with a referee who let plays a lot which initially uncontrolled Luis Enrique’s team against a very physical opponent.

It recovered the Juventus and it went against with the speed of Dybala or of Square and had the reference of Higuain in attack. The Argentine was the first to try (min.13) but after 15 minutes things changed. Barça started to see the road. Busquets was recovering closer to the Turin side the game was centered on the left with Neymar, Alba as protagonists Messi sought the ball, and Iniesta claimed his share. Continue reading “The Juve to semifinals after tie at the Camp Nou”

Usain Bolt best soccer players in the world

Paris Jamaican athlete and eight-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt wants to change discipline and be part of the 50 best footballers in the world. According to an interview published in the latest issue of the French magazine So Foot. Now I’m starting a new chapter in my life I’m looking for new motivations said Bolt, who holds the records of all sprint disciplines plus eight Olympic gold and eleven world titles.

I have the speed, obviously, but also a good intelligence in the game. I understand football said the Jamaican. The athlete also showed his desire to be an attacker to score at least 20 goals per season.  I would not go to a fucking team I need an ambitious team Bolt said who also said that in recent months he had negotiated with different clubs.


In September the athlete will pass several tests and will train with the German Borussia Dortmund so as to have a professional opinion.  The 31-year-old Jamaican said that football “is a very demanding sport” for the physicist, but could play professionally “for at least four years.” In 2014, Jamaica coach Winfried Schäfer already wanted the athlete in his team.  It’s fast and if you learn to play well with the ball, you could be one of our best players,” said the German coach. Continue reading “Usain Bolt best soccer players in the world”

Huck misses vacant world title

Profiboxer Marco Huck has clearly missed the vacant World Championship title of the WBC cruiserweight association. The 32-year-old Berliner lost in the Dortmund Westphalian Hall against the Latvians Mairis Briedis. The decision fell unanimously after twelve rounds: points 111: 116, 110: 117, 109: 118, defeated Huck. I was very well prepared, but maybe the pressure was too big. It was just good today that is sport said the dethroned champion.

For Huck, it was the fourth defeat in the 45th professional match. His opponent remains undefeated in 22 bouts. Huck owned the world championship belt of the less important IBO. He also took him from the Latvian. We had planned a knockout but Marco is a strong opponent said Briedis. They’re supposed to come up nicely, I can kick the ball and their opponents Tim Wiese had announced. His first goal for Chicago Fire is to cheer the fans.

Huck lacks the explosiveness

7000 spectators in the arena saw a one-sided battle, in which the Latet from the first gong determined the event. The 32-year-old police officer from Riga had won 18 of his 21 bouts prematurely was far superior in boxing. Briedis kept coming back his opponent found no answer. There was nothing to be seen of Huck’s dreaded explosiveness, with which he decided many fights prematurely.

In addition to Tyron’s witness from the Sauer land stable, Huck was to become the second German World Champion by one of the four big associations. The native was previously under contract even with promoter Kalle Sauer land separated however at the end of 2014 from the enterprise and marketed himself since. Continue reading “Huck misses vacant world title”

Stieglitz retains the EM belt and signs a career end

The German professional box loses with the former world champion Robert Stieglitz another pugilist with radiant power. After so many years of boxing, I got tired. I feel more or less drained and honestly somewhat tired. I have to think about whether I draw a certain final draw.

In addition, promoter Ulf Stein forth indicated a change for his long-standing flagship in another position in his boxing stable SES. He has practically a pension agreement with us he could immediately work as a coach said the promoter and compared the incompatible box style of both opponents with the black and white magnetic dogs, which constantly repel. A return as usual with a tie usual was not negotiated at all.

Stein forth spoke in plain text: It was a shit he could not transfer his energy. The Magdeburg box manager knows what he has in the native Russian: I have so much respect before his career that I gave him a week Robert von Stieglitz.

The professional boxer lost Demetrius Andrade by points. The Augsburg-based Nikki Adler secured two titles. This offer made it easier for the pugilist to better digest the weak appearance. I have studied sports and have only to recognize this degree. Then I would like to pass on my great experience to young athletes said Stieglitz after his 56th fight, which was rated 115: 113, 114: 114 and 114: 114 as a draw. It was the second draw of his career for Stieglitz after he beat Felix Sturm Remis in 2014. Continue reading “Stieglitz retains the EM belt and signs a career end”

Madrid remain the leader after a controversial comeback

Real Madrid maintained the leadership of LaLiga Santander after to prevail by 2-3 before the Villarreal in a party that went to lose by 2-0 in the second half. That was the game. Manu Trigueros (m.50) and French-Congolese Cedric Bakambu (m.56) seemed to have settled the match. Zinedine Zidane’s team did not give up and went back with goals from Welshman Gareth Bale (m.64), Cristiano Ronaldo. A penalty (m.74) and alvaro Morata (m.83). Real Madrid continues with a point of advantage over Barcelona in the League.

After a few minutes of Real Madrid’s dominance, the match was balanced as the first half progressed. Even Villarreal was the one who at times, made the controls of the game. In this trend had a lot to do with Bruno Soriano above all, Samu Castillejo who brought the Madrid team in check, unable to control the actions of the top half of the whole Castellon.

Fran side saw their goalkeeper Sergio Asenjo leave the pitch after a half-hour break after injuring a few minutes earlier in a chance action that helped him avoid a goal in the best occasion of Real Madrid. Far from improving, the Castellon set by an intense and precise Villarreal in the pass overcame Real Madrid but who lacked marksmanship.

Villarreal advance with two goals

A brilliant play from the local attack carried out by Samu Castillejo was culminated by Trigueros within five minutes of restarting the match with a scrimmage that Keylor Navas could not do. The Madrid was touched and the Villarreal began to take advantage of the occasions that had missed in the first time. Thus, he solved a great pass from Bruno Soriano – the best of his team with Castillejo to Bakambu with a great definition to Keylor Navas to put the 2-0 on the scoreboard.

A ball to the bat of Cristiano Ronaldo in the 60th minute was the prelude to the goal of Bale to shorten distances in the score when taking advantage of a good pass to the area of ​​Carvajal. Without getting better in their game two accelerations in their game were enough to the equipment of Zinedine Zidane to get back to the party. Continue reading “Madrid remain the leader after a controversial comeback”

Combine Both Leisure and Workouts by Playing a Game of Golf


Golf has always been known as a sport of leisure which was practiced only by those of high status which bore the status of gentleman but nowadays the tables have turned and golf became more and more accessible to a lot of people and became one of the most popular and well-received sport around the world.

This sport is played outdoors on large surfaces which cover from 30 to over 200 acres. Judging by the surface of the field, there are some benefits to be taken into account when practicing this sport and not only does one has to employ some masterful techniques and best gear choice when playing this sport but also he or she should factor the amazing benefits which are brought along playing it.


One of the Best Ways to Burn Calories

Covering such a large surface implies a lot of walking and if one wishes to skip out for a chance to ride the golf cart, walking the average course would put any individual through the test of walking a small marathon of five to seven kilometers. Take into account that people have to carry their own clubs and irons and if the terrain is hill-shaped, one will burn even more calories which will amount to even more burnt than a heavy cardio workout at a gym.

Keeps Your Heart Rate Up and Optimal

Playing golf will lead to a pretty good workout as aforementioned but it is an amazing exercise for your heart as well. When doing all sorts of movements in order to play the game, the heart rate is exponentially increased while it tries to keep the blood pumping and increase its flow. Not only will this greatly reduce the risk of one getting heart disease but it will also decrease levels of cholesterol and will lead to a better general state of health. Continue reading “Combine Both Leisure and Workouts by Playing a Game of Golf”

Top Physical Activities that Don’t Feel Like Exercise

If you’re the type that enjoys hitting the gym and exercising on a regular basis, then keeping things new and interesting can sometimes be hard. You want to keep your body and mind challenged, so incorporating a variety of activities is key. If you’re looking for activities that do a good job at getting your heart rate going but aren’t necessarily thought of as “exercise”, then you will want to read on.

Roller Skating – Get Your Heart Rate Up

Here’s an activity that is sure to get your heart rate going and requires very little equipment. All you’ll need is a pair of roller skates and a helmet. If you’re new to the activity, you may want to invest in some elbow, wrist, and knee pads to protect you should you fall.

If you’re looking to compare this to another activity in terms of what it can do for your health, the closest activity to it is jogging. Where rollerskating differs is the fact it is much easier on your joints since they don’t have to absorb impact. Rollerskating is excellent cardio, good for the heart, helps with stability and mobility, and helps you to build your endurance.

Trampoline – Who Said You Can’t Still Act Like a Kid?

While trampolines are often thought of as a fun backyard activity for kids, the fact of the matter is that it’s an excellent workout for adults as well. Today you can join adult trampoline classes meant to give you a complete body workout all in the name of fun.

A recent study done by NASA came to the conclusion that just 10 minutes on the trampoline provides the same health benefits as a 30 minute run. So think about it, this means you can get a fabulous cardio workout in a third of the time, all while having a smile on your face.

This low impact activity is great for building strength in your muscles and bones, it will increase your heart rate, it helps with toning your body and weight loss, can improve your energy level and mood, and even helps your lymphatic system.

Dance Lessons/Class – Shimmy Your Way to Health

For anyone who’s never taken a dance class or lesson, you really don’t know what you’re in for! Dancing will work your entire body and give you a cardio workout like you’ve never experienced. You don’t have to be a professional in order to reap the benefits of this sport. If you want to increase the impact of the activity, choose a fast-moving dance like samba, salsa, breakdancing, tap dancing, or swing dancing.

Within just a few minutes you’ll find your heart beat increases, you start sweating, and you begin to use muscles you may not be used to using.

Get Creative with your Activities

There’s nothing wrong with getting creative with your activities in order to stay in shape and enjoy all the health benefits of exercise. As you can tell these activities are just as beneficial as your more traditional forms of exercise, but they will feel like the exact opposite of a workout routine.