Millionaires, champion of the Superliga

Early in the year, when the engines just started two Colombian giants measured their pulse at the stadium, looking for the first Super liga champion of the year. The maximum scenario paisa packed, with a large entrance. That put fear from the periphery, but inside neither of the teams showed fears.

Jorge Almiron played the suspense until the last minute. Hiding his cards and coming out with an alignment that nobody expected and by default, offensive. In the middle of the field, Diego Arias returned to the starting area to provide security and allow Gonzalo and Vladimir Hernandez to drive the ball.

Millionaires champion

The game began vertiginous and National became the owner of the process, drilling and carrying danger in every move. The middle of the field and the front were lucid to disrupt the defense. That made water and suffered more than necessary. The centimeters and the saves of Wuilker did what they could for 20 minutes.

In the twenty-one Andres Renteria vaccinated. The forward took a deep pass and defined with his foot open, leaving the Venezuelan goalkeeper without reaction. The advantage deserved and the Green paisa did not lower the foot of the accelerator. The fluid game excited the rostrum and diminished a rival without reactions.

The Paraguayan Roberto did not get discouraged and without a game. He invented a turn and a left-footed shot, after his attacking partner lowered the ball. Draw a goal at halftime, leaving behind the bland first leg in which the most exciting were the kicks of one and another team. In the return there was soccer and emotions, but the strongest ones were about to arrive. Millenaries resisted ordered, but knowing that the greens seemed on an inspired night.

However, the most enlightened of the night was. He was going to show it in the 66th minute of the game. The locals were groggy and had trouble standing up. Dizzy the rival, were emboldened and showed the trade that crowned them in the most recent.

Despite had his chances to tie it, erring under the goal. People went to their house annoyed, without giving merit to the good game that for many passages of the party showed team.

Meanwhile, the trophy traveled to Bogotá in the hands of a Millionaires who got used to winning. The title, offered to the absent Miguel Ángel Russo, fills with confidence a team that more than football, shows mysticism.

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