Jan Urban longer Osasuna coach

Those who saw football early 90s remember Jan Urban as the star of CA Osasuna. Therefore, it seemed logical that his coaching career would jump to our country through this team, which had already taken his first steps as a coach of youth and the subsidiary, besides the technical secretary.

Urban landed in full Pamplona San Fermin festival, appeared dressed for the occasion, with a radiant smile and the word rise in the mouth. But a few months later, the smile faded, the word also disappeared and rising confidence in Polish is already passe.

jan urban

The team would it cost to start and believed it was a matter of adapting to the category, but spend the days and Osasuna still carburar. After the fourth consecutive defeat, against Lugo in El Sadar, which was to be the stronghold of the draft jan urban, Polish was clear that his dismissal was just a matter of minutes, as it has been.

Osasuna sleep after Saturday in the sixteenth position with 30 points, only 4 above relegation at the expense still play multiple computers and the lower area, but with a game. It is one of the teams most goals receives and also one of the least done. A bad sport situation is joined by the-field trouble in which the entity has been involved with a charge of buying and selling parties involved.

The directive does not seek out the urban substitute, but will go for someone in the house: Jose Luis Mateo. Matthew was leading the Osasuna Promises; a subsidiary of Navarre team was doing well in Third Division, occupying high positions in the standings.

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