How to Start a Rugby Club

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world. However, a few people in the United States saw the sport and even less have played. This can make it difficult to start a rugby club. However, know the right steps to take some of the pitfalls can be avoided.

Will begin recruiting players. Contact rugby programs with local universities to see if they have students who can get in touch. Place flyers and try to get on the radio public service announcements. Go and ask a gym if you can create a table and talk to people in the gym.

start a rugby club

Once you have the beginning of a team that wants to get some basic organizational structure. Online and request an employer identification number. While you’re on the line it would be a good idea to create a computer web page that can be used to recruit more players, stating your current players and try to attract sponsors. (More of that in a minute). Also a staff meeting to establish bylaws and elect officers would be appropriate at this time.

Then you will need some money. If you are willing to face money is great, but the best option is to get a sponsor (or 10). You will need to provide the sponsor to do something worthwhile. The ads on your web site, a poster on the field, the name on the shirt. Something has to be offered as envoys will probably pick up any brochure.

Once you have a few hundred dollars, there are some things that should be ordered. The first is to open a bank account as a company with the name of your club. Then applies the addition in your home. This will keep their founders and employees to be liable for the debts of the club or legal issues. Then you need to apply for tax exempt status not benefit. This can be useful when it comes to increasing the size of sponsorship, as well as saving money in the club and commercial taxes.

Now is the time to start practice. Find a coach, if you or someone starts to take training classes. But to do this the best way to get the most out of each practice and gel as a team. You need to contact Rugby Union that is local to you and see if they have anything in particular that needs to be done to join them and become a member. Once a Union member will work with you to establish times and get referees and various other things.

Throughout the process continues to recruit members and get sponsorships. You will need to start thinking about buying uniforms and the goal pads post soon.