Must-Have Golf Accessories To Keep Your Game On A Rainy Day

No one can predict with absolute precision how the weather will turn out in a few hours or the next day. If you live in a place where seasons may change more drastically than in other locations, then having the proper clothing and gear can help you get through the day unscathed.

The same is true when you’re planning to enjoy a game of golf. “Playing golf in the rain is fun,” said no golfer in the history of the sport! There are so many reasons why rain makes golfing uncomfortable for many people – obstructed views, restricted swings, and the constant need to stay dry.

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In the same way that players need to wear the right golfing gear for summer, the rainy season also requires a different set of gear to bring. Here are some of the most important accessories that you need to bring on a rainy golf game:

The Basics

The first thing you should prioritize is to protect yourself from the inclement weather. Otherwise, you may end up getting sick after a long day at the golf range. Some of the most fundamental golf rain accessories are water-proof and can withstand the wet and harsh conditions of the rainy season.

It may be a good idea to bring a pair of everything that you usually wear on a golf game. That way, when the rains come in and you get all soaking wet, you can just change to a dry set of golf gear.

Rain-ready golf gloves

Your hands are constantly in contact with the golf club during every swing, and so it is important for your grip to be firm and secure. By wearing golf gloves designed for wet surfaces, you should be able to keep a firm grip without fear of the club shaft slipping off your hands.

Look for golf gloves made of microfiber and quick-drying material for added protection against any wet condition.

Rechargeable hand warmer

Technology has provided golfers with a lot of tools for play improvement, such as GPS devices. Make sure that you read a Bushnell NEO XS review first, before deciding on which kind of device you will purchase.

In the case of rainy weather, a pocket hand warmer should be able to prevent cold and numb fingers. This device may be charged via USB connection, and emits a warm 120 degrees in your pocket.

Sturdy umbrella

Who doesn’t think of an umbrella when the rain comes up? Unfortunately, bringing just any kind of umbrella may ruin your golf experience, especially is the downpour is heavy and the winds too strong.

Choose a sturdy umbrella that is designed to stand its ground against a wind gush or heavy rains. Some umbrella products are made from strong materials that don’t flip up when a sudden gush blows by.

Rainproof golf jacket

Although some golfers may not like wearing additional clothing during a game, golf jackets is a highly effective protective gear from the rain. Besides, a lot of jackets are designed specifically for golfers. “Windbreakers or rainproof jackets made of woven materials may feature knit panels or gussets under the arms for easier movement,” according to this article.

You may not have control over the weather, but you can prepare for any kind of situation during a golf game. By using these accessories, you should be able to enjoy your game of golf even in the wettest of seasons.