Rio 2016 Olympic Games: the Dutch Van der Breggen wins gold in women’s cycling

The test road race in the female category has had as winning the Dutch Anna van der Breggen. As happened in the men’s race, the race was very exciting thanks to the circuit on which passed and left us very similar times in what refers to its outcome.

Starting with the decline in the last climb to Vista Chinesa. Dutch Annemiek Van Vleuten was launched precipitously and left the company of the other getaway, American Mara Abbott. But Van Kleuten would not get very far because he suffered a chilling fall, those that look more to continue putting hair on end.

van der breggen olympic 2016 wins

So a fall, as it happened to Nibali and Hainaut in the men, leaving only a broker head. In this case Abbot, who started with half a minute advantage over the main group of pursuers? However, Rafal Majka and emulating, Abbott would not reach goal, in her far more tragic than it was for the Polish rider pair end.

And it is that while at least Majka climbed the podium to collect the bronze medal, Abbott would see hunted by three riders: the Dutch Van der Breggen, Sweden’s Emma Johansson and Italy’s Elisa Longo Borghini-. And on top when barely 250 meters left to reach the goal.

Second in the last world, both on the road and time trial, Van der Breggen pulled the thorn in the sprint beating Emma Johansson and Elisa Longo Borghini. Sweden was and silver in Beijing 2008 and again stay at the gates of the final victory, while for the Italian this is his first medal in the Olympics.

So a Dutch gold stay again in this test, since four years ago Marianne Vos won victory, the ninth in today. The only Spanish at stake, Anne Santisteban, finished 47th of the 68 participants who fought for these medals today in Rio de Janeiro.

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