Chinese horoscope predicted the Russian World Cup

There are still more than eight months to go. We do not even know the groups that will have the 32 teams qualified for the World Cup. Several experts begin to make their assumptions about who will be the champion of the World Cup in Russia. The elimination of Italy has increased the controversy. These predictions are for the championship in the next Russian, summer. There is a very curious; the Chinese horoscope predicts that the winner of the title next 2018 will be the Brazilian national team. A historical condition presented since 1934.

Russian World Cup

All the times that a World Cup has presented since 1934 (in Italy, with the title for local), has been champion Italy or Brazil during the year of the dog. This happened in Sweden 1958 (champion Brazil), Mexico 1970 (Brazil), Spain 1982 (Italy), United States 1994 (Brazil) and France 2006 (Italy). With the elimination of Italy against Sweden on Monday in the European, repackage. This trend would ensure that the Russian World Cup champion would be the team led by Tite. Brazil was overwhelming in the qualifiers in South America, and has proven to be one of the best teams in the world.

The shameful fight of Jefferson Farfan with a fan of Peru

The celebration by the classification of the selection of Peru for the World Cup of Russia does not stop. Jefferson Farfan scored the first goal of the match. The event recorded in the early hours of Thursday, when Farfan was heading to a bar in Lima to celebrate the World Cup qualification of his team for the first time in 36 years. On the way, a Peruvian amateur would have insulted and beaten him. Jefferson Farfan responded to the accusations of mistreatment. A boy comes from behind and he punches me in. I did not understand why if everyone was happy, maybe my reaction was bad, I apologize to all of Peru, but a crazy man came on Wednesday to get me a punch he said.



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