Stretches and exercises for the rotator cuff

rotator cuff exercise

Rotator cuff is a term that refers to the group of tendons that attach the arm with four muscles in the shoulder. The shoulder moves more freely and in more directions than any other joint. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint shallow -enartrosis-, making it the most dislocated joint in the body . Subject to many chronic diseases, the rotator cuff can stay healthy and strong, practicing and stretching exercises.

Shoulder Stretch with a bent arm

Make this movement to stretch the trapezius, rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, the posterior deltoid, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, and teres minor and greater. Of foot and straight, crosses an arm and hold it over the body. Flexes the arm 90 degrees up and pull your elbow on the body to the opposite elbow. Make sure your bent arm remains parallel to the floor.

rotator cuff exercise

Stretch shoulder hug

This movement stretches the trapezius, rhomboids, dorsal long, the posterior deltoid, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, and teres minor and greater. Stand erect, arms leads to the opposite, hugging shoulder. Bring your arms back. This exercise is facilitated slowly bringing your arms back.

Cross shoulder stretch

This stretch will work on the trapezius, rhomboids, dorsal long and the highest and lowest round. Stand with your knees bent, crossing both arms over the top of the legs and hugs the back of the knees. Slowly, he begins to erguirte until you feel tension in the upper back and shoulders.

Exercise shoulder external rotation

This exercise is best for the infaespinoso, the subscapularis, supraspinatus and the highest and lowest round. Starts lying on the side while holding his head inside the flexed elbow. bend your knees slightly, keeping the spine in a neutral position and the top arm aligned with the column. Arm flexes above 90 degrees, holding a dumbbell while watching toward the navel. With top arm on the side, lift the back of the hand and forearm into as high as possible ceiling. Turn the torso from the waist.

Exercise rear elevation

Started this exercise slightly bending your knees and torso, to nearly 90 degrees with the hip and parallel to the floor. The column must be in neutral and the raised chin. With shoulders down, take the weights with both hands under your chest with your elbows slightly bent. Keep your arms 90 degrees to the torso, and holds both hands back while lowering the shoulders.

Peter Sagan is the new European champion cycling with third Dani Moreno

peter sagan

Slovak Peter Sagan has been proclaimed European champion road race. The 26 years that is at once world champion, won the goal of Plumelec, French city in which they are celebrating these European Championships for the first time have had the participation of cyclists in the elite category.

Sagan was the favorite and did honor to gambling, winning the sprint with absolute superiority in the group of cyclists who arrived outstanding at goal. French Julian Alaphilippe was second and Daniel Moreno was third, completing good championships for Spain with the gold in time trial won Jonathan Castroviejo.

peter sagan

In the women, the title went to the Dutch Anna van der Breggen, whichever Olympic champion, with Polish Katarzyna Niewiadoma in second place and Italy’s Elisa Longo Borghini third. The Niewiadoma itself was the best Under 23 category in which Spanish gave the best position among females, the sixth of Eider Merino (twenty – fifth overall). The best Spanish among the elite was Mavi García, seventeenth. Continue reading “Peter Sagan is the new European champion cycling with third Dani Moreno”

Check out the Rio 2016 Olympic village that will house this year’s athletes

Raring to visit Rio de Janeiro this coming August for the Brazil Olympics? Well, all you can do right now is get yourself ready and excited while awaiting the date, or better yet, your flight.

Here’s an update:

Thomas Bach, International Olympic Committee president oversaw the inauguration of the Rio Olympic Village last Wednesday, June 15 and says that the $835 million complex is “one of the most beautiful” locations he had ever seen.

The grand village is made up of 31 buildings and can host more than 10,000 athletes during the games from August 5-21. It is based in the Olympic Park at Barra da Tijuca where most of the gaming event will take place.The village totals 200,000 square meters, holds 3,604 apartments and could accommodate up to 17,950 people, based on the Brazilian sports ministry.


After the Olympic and Paralympic Games in August and September, the development will be changed to luxury condominiums.

Carlos Arthur Nuzman, president of the Rio Olympics organizing committee, stated that the village will be officially opened on July 24. This unveiling of the Olympic village is more encouraging news for Rio after recent issues devastated the excitement leading into the games, leading some to believe that it could prove a disaster for the Summer Olympics. Continue reading “Check out the Rio 2016 Olympic village that will house this year’s athletes”

What are the benefits of jogging

benefits of jogging

Jogging is considered the best aerobic sport for cardiovascular health and burning calories. Many people jog daily 5 or 10 kilometers, motivates them know they have reached a new milestone, love to be gaining more strength, but do not know for sure all the benefits that this discipline offers. If you are an avid jogger or you are thinking encourage you to accelerate the pace of your walks, read carefully this article that you know what the benefits of jogging.


The first benefit of jogging is that it helps improve aerobic capacity of the organism , which results in improvement of the respiratory system, allowing the body to get more oxygen in the blood, brain and lungs, which, evidently increases the physical strength of the person.

benefits of jogging

And aerobic capacity significantly involved in the functioning of the respiratory system, so does in the cardiovascular system . When a person stimulates aerobic capacity can also enjoy an excellent circulation in your body, which allows to transport vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the muscles, undoubtedly one of the benefits of jogging for the body. Continue reading “What are the benefits of jogging”