German without medal in Biathlon World Championship

Biathlon World Championship

The German men’s relay team, Simon Schempp, has missed a medal for the first time in six years in the high felted World Biathlon World Championship. The quartet with Erik Lesser Benedikt Doll Arnd Peiffer and Schempp ran to fourth place after 4×7.5 kilometers and eight reloaders. Bronze missed 9.5 seconds in the target.

Biathlon World Championship

Dahlmeier breaks again: Biathlon World Championship: Women’s relay sprints to gold. Schedule and live ticker: Biathlon World Cup 2017 in high felts at a glance unfortunately, we were not convinced at the shooting range again and then the gap was there. We were on touch, but for the podium that was not good enough not enough now we have only the brass medal. Continue reading “German without medal in Biathlon World Championship”

How Team Sports Build a Sense of Belonging That Is Critical for Youth

Playing a team sport is linked to improved psychological health and academic performance among young people. Sports will help keep a child physically fit, of course, but the greater benefits are the social skills and self-esteem which will give a kid an important foundation for adult life. Team sports provide a special form of social support that includes peers, parents, teachers and coaches and keeps kids feeling included, empowered and connected. Kids who play team sports are known to have greater self-confidence, better social connections, stronger peer relationships, better relationships with parents, and more community involvement.


Sports Involve Everyone

Youth are especially susceptible to anxiety about not fitting in; they must achieve a sense of belonging at home, at school and among their friends or they will look for it elsewhere. One way or another, children will find a way to express the value of their individuality and seek a sense of accomplishment. On a sports team, kids learn to share ideas, show what they can do and get recognition and praise.

To build a sense of belonging on a team, players need to listen to one another, allow everyone a vote on decisions, use everyone’s strengths and help to improve on everyone’s weaknesses. Developing and maintaining traditions is one established way that sports teams create a sense of membership and loyalty; youth are attracted to tradition as it gives them some stability during a chaotic time in their lives. Continue reading “How Team Sports Build a Sense of Belonging That Is Critical for Youth”