Another women’s world record in Valencia in the World Half Marathon

World Half Marathon

The city of running, the fashionable city of the two great athletic distances marathon and half marathon of the world panorama, met with an unexpected enemy in one of its great days. The wind, with gusts of up to 70 kilometers per hour was a nuisance, in any case, insufficient to enjoy the World Half Marathon. Neither the rain, intermittent, spoiled the party. Let them tell the Ethiopian Netsanet Gudeta Kebede. Who proclaimed herself universal champion of the 21 kilometers with an added world record. He covered the distance, in a tour praised by the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) from the same day he saw it drawn, in 1 hour, 6 minutes and 11 seconds.

World Half Marathon

It is the best brand in history in a half marathon exclusively for women. Taking into account that men and women ran separately, with half an hour interval. It is another milestone in women’s athletics signed in Valencia, the second in 5 months. Last October Kenya beat the world record in the Half Marathon of Valencia with a time of 1: 04.51. In a mixed race, with male “hares” that set the pace. It was not the case yesterday. He crossed the mythical arrival in the lake of the City of Arts and Sciences in second place. As far as selections are concerned, Ethiopia was the gold, followed by Kenya and Bahrain, with the great absence of Japan, present on the world podium since 2005. The Valencian Marta Esteban (60th), excited by the atmosphere of her city, was the second national, with 1:14:47. Continue reading “Another women’s world record in Valencia in the World Half Marathon”

Chinese horoscope predicted the Russian World Cup

Russian World Cup

There are still more than eight months to go. We do not even know the groups that will have the 32 teams qualified for the World Cup. Several experts begin to make their assumptions about who will be the champion of the World Cup in Russia. The elimination of Italy has increased the controversy. These predictions are for the championship in the next Russian, summer. There is a very curious; the Chinese horoscope predicts that the winner of the title next 2018 will be the Brazilian national team. A historical condition presented since 1934.

Russian World Cup

All the times that a World Cup has presented since 1934 (in Italy, with the title for local), has been champion Italy or Brazil during the year of the dog. This happened in Sweden 1958 (champion Brazil), Mexico 1970 (Brazil), Spain 1982 (Italy), United States 1994 (Brazil) and France 2006 (Italy). With the elimination of Italy against Sweden on Monday in the European, repackage. This trend would ensure that the Russian World Cup champion would be the team led by Tite. Brazil was overwhelming in the qualifiers in South America, and has proven to be one of the best teams in the world. Continue reading “Chinese horoscope predicted the Russian World Cup”

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid in July

Cristiano-RonaldoThe player would be very outraged by everything related to the process for which he is being investigated. Even Cristiano Ronaldo who is focused on the selection of Portugal for the Confederations Cup of Russia, would have communicated the decision to the president of Real Madrid Florentino Perez, always according to the same media.
Ronaldo’s environment would have assured the newspaper that the player would be interested in other leagues such as the English, French, Italian or even the Chinese league. The most intimate circle of the Portuguese would have told the Portuguese newspaper that he does not want to be a victim of persecution or circus clown. In the news, which covers the cover of the newspaper, explain that the decision to leave Spain would have been taken two or three months ago and could be made public after a holiday period that Ronaldo will enjoy after the Confederations Cup. Continue reading “Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid in July”

Stieglitz retains the EM belt and signs a career end

The German professional box loses with the former world champion Robert Stieglitz another pugilist with radiant power. After so many years of boxing, I got tired. I feel more or less drained and honestly somewhat tired. I have to think about whether I draw a certain final draw.

In addition, promoter Ulf Stein forth indicated a change for his long-standing flagship in another position in his boxing stable SES. He has practically a pension agreement with us he could immediately work as a coach said the promoter and compared the incompatible box style of both opponents with the black and white magnetic dogs, which constantly repel. A return as usual with a tie usual was not negotiated at all.

Stein forth spoke in plain text: It was a shit he could not transfer his energy. The Magdeburg box manager knows what he has in the native Russian: I have so much respect before his career that I gave him a week Robert von Stieglitz.

The professional boxer lost Demetrius Andrade by points. The Augsburg-based Nikki Adler secured two titles. This offer made it easier for the pugilist to better digest the weak appearance. I have studied sports and have only to recognize this degree. Then I would like to pass on my great experience to young athletes said Stieglitz after his 56th fight, which was rated 115: 113, 114: 114 and 114: 114 as a draw. It was the second draw of his career for Stieglitz after he beat Felix Sturm Remis in 2014. Continue reading “Stieglitz retains the EM belt and signs a career end”