Top Physical Activities that Don’t Feel Like Exercise

If you’re the type that enjoys hitting the gym and exercising on a regular basis, then keeping things new and interesting can sometimes be hard. You want to keep your body and mind challenged, so incorporating a variety of activities is key. If you’re looking for activities that do a good job at getting your heart rate going but aren’t necessarily thought of as “exercise”, then you will want to read on.

Roller Skating – Get Your Heart Rate Up

Here’s an activity that is sure to get your heart rate going and requires very little equipment. All you’ll need is a pair of roller skates and a helmet. If you’re new to the activity, you may want to invest in some elbow, wrist, and knee pads to protect you should you fall.

If you’re looking to compare this to another activity in terms of what it can do for your health, the closest activity to it is jogging. Where rollerskating differs is the fact it is much easier on your joints since they don’t have to absorb impact. Rollerskating is excellent cardio, good for the heart, helps with stability and mobility, and helps you to build your endurance.

Trampoline – Who Said You Can’t Still Act Like a Kid?

While trampolines are often thought of as a fun backyard activity for kids, the fact of the matter is that it’s an excellent workout for adults as well. Today you can join adult trampoline classes meant to give you a complete body workout all in the name of fun.

A recent study done by NASA came to the conclusion that just 10 minutes on the trampoline provides the same health benefits as a 30 minute run. So think about it, this means you can get a fabulous cardio workout in a third of the time, all while having a smile on your face.

This low impact activity is great for building strength in your muscles and bones, it will increase your heart rate, it helps with toning your body and weight loss, can improve your energy level and mood, and even helps your lymphatic system.

Dance Lessons/Class – Shimmy Your Way to Health

For anyone who’s never taken a dance class or lesson, you really don’t know what you’re in for! Dancing will work your entire body and give you a cardio workout like you’ve never experienced. You don’t have to be a professional in order to reap the benefits of this sport. If you want to increase the impact of the activity, choose a fast-moving dance like samba, salsa, breakdancing, tap dancing, or swing dancing.

Within just a few minutes you’ll find your heart beat increases, you start sweating, and you begin to use muscles you may not be used to using.

Get Creative with your Activities

There’s nothing wrong with getting creative with your activities in order to stay in shape and enjoy all the health benefits of exercise. As you can tell these activities are just as beneficial as your more traditional forms of exercise, but they will feel like the exact opposite of a workout routine.

3 Game-Changing Fitness Tips


In order to ensure your general health, you need to do some physical activities and eat nutritious food. Your well-being is one of the most crucial factors that make you a happy and better individual. Make it a point to take care of your body all the time and focus on getting fit each day to avoid any diseases that you might encounter.

One of the best ways to help your body stay strong is to work out frequently. By exercising, you can burn those excess fats, build muscles, boost your energy, as well as make you feel and look better. Thus, it is important that you find time to hit the gym or simply exercise at the comfort of your own home.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not have to be costly, you just need to put more effort and time to achieve all of your fitness goals. It might be tough at first, but you will eventually get used to it, especially if you love what you are doing and you are serious about getting healthy. Hence, here are some effective fitness tips that you can take into consideration to get best results: Continue reading “3 Game-Changing Fitness Tips”

Best agility drills

agility drills

Most sports require more speed in a straight line. The ability to stop and change direction quickly and efficiently is known as agility drills. The coaches in various sports exercises designed to develop your agility. In each of these exercises you must make cuts of 90 degrees, which put too much emphasis on typical movements required in the competition. The key of each exercise is to sink the hips and lean forward slightly to lower the center of gravity while you accelerate feet through redirection.

Exercises in box

The most common agility drills is exercise within a square, used by most football coaches. 4 cones are placed 5 to 10 yards (4.5 to 9 m) in a square. In the most common version of exercise, you run to the first cone before running laterally to the second cone, reversed in the third cone and randomly go up to the starting point. At every turn of 90 degrees, you should accelerate your feet as you slow the movement of the rest of your body.

agility drills

Defensive Landslides

Defensive slides were used by basketball coaches for decades. Each change of direction in the exercise is 90 degrees; a significant cut which can be performed in a deep defensive posture. All players are positioned in lines of three or four, with a coach in front ordering them to move forward, backward, left or right in the proper defensive position. Stand and change direction while maintaining an open base with your feet is somewhat uncomfortable at first, hence this exercise, albeit simple, improve it takes time. Continue reading “Best agility drills”

Strength training for rugby

strength training for rugby

Rugby is a rigorous and full contact sport that requires tremendous physical strength and endurance. Because the rugby season involves training and other activities, the off-season presents the best opportunity for rugby players to improve their physical strength through weight lifting activities and others. Strength training for rugby helps maximize performance and minimize injury. A variety of approaches to strength training, but players must remember that any program take should train like rugby players, rather than as bodybuilders.

Rugby Football Union

The Rugby Football Union or Rugby Union (RFU, for its acronym in English) is the governing body of English rugby. On its website the strength training programs for rugby players of all ages are described, from young adults. Your training program for young players, for example, is designed for use at school, home or a local rugby club and only requires minimal equipment such as a medicine ball and a set of adjustable dumbbells.

strength training for rugby

RFU programs emphasize developing muscular endurance as well as strength. The weight training exercises in the program advise 30 seconds of rest between sets and increase the number of repetitions as the resistance increases. Continue reading “Strength training for rugby”

Tips for improving fitness for tennis

Playing tennis requires a combination of muscular endurance, anaerobic conditioning, speed, quickness, agility and flexibility. It is crucial to understand that this sport is based more on endurance than strength and in good aerobic anaerobic condition. If you plan your training based on this information, you can get fit in the most fitness for tennis.

Muscle conditioning

While large muscles help you generate racquet speed is more important that you can use your muscles with maximum intensity during a tennis match several hours. As your season approaches (and during), concentrate on your muscle strength, explosive strength and resilience rather than gain muscle mass.

fitness for tennis

Muscle training

You can use dumbbells to do exercises like bicep curls, tricep extensions, squats (squats), lunges (lunges), openings, chest press and deadlift (deadlifts). Uses 50 percent of your maximum weight and takes eight to 10 repetitions of each exercise. Take a break for a minute and then start a new exercise. To improve your explosive strength, performs exercises deadlifts, box squats, box jumps (jumps box) and one leg and squat jumps (split-squat jumps). To improve your reaction, allowing you to coordinate two movements like bending the knee back and push up on a hit, you can perform jumps shock, deep, ankle, with rope, strides and sprint. Continue reading “Tips for improving fitness for tennis”

Tips to Improve Physical Fitness

We all have many activities to do, we stay so busy that we exercise becomes almost impossible and in some cases we produce more stress than tranquility. But our health is a reflection of our quality of life and we all want to have a life of quality. This article will give you advice on how to improve physical fitness.

The biggest obstacle to exercise is not often our will or desire but our time, and we have to do so many things, we do not have time to exercise.

improve physical fitness

As a coach I had an experience that marked my life. Many years ago one of my athletes told me that his father wanted to exercise but had no time. Continue reading “Tips to Improve Physical Fitness”