Tevez really wants to play the World Cup with Argentina


The ‘Apache’ maintains the illusion of going to Russia 2018 with the team of Sampaoli. Who last saw him from albiceleste was from the rival team. I am working on my best version. If that leads to the coach of the selection (Argentina) see me as I want to be. I will have many more chances to be, “said Carlos Tevez in an interview with ESPN. In which he also spoke of his return. The Apache made public, in its own way, the desire to wear the blue and white again.


We have a technician who knows very well, what he does, with a lot of experience, as he showed in Chile. You have to let it work quietly. Choose the one is better now, “said Tevez on the coach of the selected albiceleste. The last matches of Tevez was with the Argentine team were led by Gerardo Martino. Thanks to his great performance in Juventus Tevez began to be taken into account by the technical director. Continue reading “Tevez really wants to play the World Cup with Argentina”

Ruth Beitia, chosen as the best Spanish athlete of 2016

ruth beitia

2016 has been the best of the career of Ruth Beitia. So she confesses whenever given the opportunity, in the latter case once he had announced that he had been chosen as the best Spanish athlete of the year, on the twenty – fifth installment of this award which established the Association of Friends of the Tuesday.

Beitia “competing” for this award with other athletes like David Bustos, Sergio Fernandez, Bruno Hortelano and especially Orlando Ortega. In addition, the Cuban nationalized Spanish had won medals at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, silver in the 110 meter hurdles.

ruth beitia

Thus, according to the ratings that give managers, journalists, veterans, coaches and other levels of national athletics, in addition to the members of the association presents the award, was chosen Beitia. The Cantabrian leaper got 1305 points, by 1154 Hortelano, one of the sensations of the Spanish athletics thanks to his performances in the 100 and 200 meters, and 1104 Ortega. Continue reading “Ruth Beitia, chosen as the best Spanish athlete of 2016”

Cesare Maldini, the first of a great saga

cesare maldini

The name Cesare Maldini is spelled with all capital letters in Milan. But the first place where this name began to forge his footballing history was in Trieste, multicultural city, confluence of cultures, which was not Italian to already enter in the twentieth century. There where Mladic were still Maldini, last of Slovak origin, were where Cesare was born.

In Trieste also has born the catenaccio, the system intrinsically united football game and own way of being Italian. When the other teams in the country began to imitate that style of play that Nereo Rocco had designed, they began to get the big hits. This is how the AC Milan became the first Italian team to win the European Cup, with Cesare Maldini as captain lifting the trophy conquered the air at Wembley.

cesare maldini

If someone represented at that time from the field, that was the first of Maldini. Cesare Maldini was born in Trieste, he began playing in the Triestina and just one season later was already a fundamental part of the defense of one of the largest in the country, Milan, where practically his entire career unfold as futbolsita. Continue reading “Cesare Maldini, the first of a great saga”

This is Marcus Rashford, the player everyone is talking about in Manchester

marcus rashford

In the Manchester United are things as lower than expected, as soon as a player does something exciting, the crowd was going to embrace and elevate as their new hero. And that’s what happened with Marcus Rashford, a young player who has had a historic debut with the Red Devils, the point of putting all eyes on him in world football.

It is not what he did, because his debut scoring two goals that were an important part for the United progressed to the next round of Europa League, where he will face Liverpool. And a few days later in league match, he scored two goals that were key to the victory against Arsenal. And they are not many, if any, players who have debuted red with such good standing.

marcus rashford

So, they have put high hopes on his shoulders, perhaps too many for his 18 years. And that Rashford is not the first young player United in recent years that seemed to star of the team. The problem is that the above responsibility weighed them too much or was sold as something more than they were. See cases like Januzaj Belgian or another striker Macheda, who started doing enough goals. Continue reading “This is Marcus Rashford, the player everyone is talking about in Manchester”

Sergi Guardiola, a signing seen and unseen for the subsidiary of Barcelona

sergi guardiola

The Barcelona would announce in a row the signing of three players to its subsidiary announced but in the end only two. The third one, Sergi Guardiola is going to eventually run out of Barca play because of some tweets in Catalonia insulting some years ago. As you read and dates we are, it seems an extraordinarily prepared Fool.

Forward 24 years, the history of Sergi Guardiola is quite bizarre. After going through several teams of Second B and disengage from Alcorcon, where he had arrived this season and where little had played, Guardiola arrived at Barca subsidiary but his adventure as a player only lasted a few hours, nothing else has had time to step offices.

sergi guardiola

In social networks they began dating a few tweets, in which the player insulted Catalonia and encouraged to Real Madrid. Despite delete tweets, to protect your account locked, apologizing and trying to explain, it was too late. Given the impact of the news, Barcelona decided to cancel the contract that was signed a few hours earlier. Continue reading “Sergi Guardiola, a signing seen and unseen for the subsidiary of Barcelona”

Ante Coric, the young and talented Croatian player everyone is talking about now

ante coric

It seems like yesterday when we present Alen Halilovic, a young Croatian player whose move to Barcelona was made in the absence of official confirmation, and we have the new Balkan budding promise. And it is that while we enjoy in our league Halilovic, on loan at Sporting Gijon, we met a fellow countryman on everyone’s lips: Ante Coric.

Sure you’ve read the name of the player in the press, really on everyone’s lips in the interest of Real Madrid in their recruitment. Know that the Madrid club is not the only one behind; Barcelona has already shown interest, teams from Italy and England also. Dinamo Zagreb, the club, rubs his hands in hopes of giving a new sales pitch with another player.

ante coric

They say that he is the new Halilovic, the new Kovacic, the new Modric … Older go back a little in time and say it is better than they were Prosinecki or Boban his age, 18 years old. Young but already experienced the first team of Dinamo Zagreb, which is virtually a permanent fixture in both the local championship and European competition. Continue reading “Ante Coric, the young and talented Croatian player everyone is talking about now”

Breel Embolo to Manchester United, Barca or Arsenal?

waterproof Jackets

Perhaps reasonably, given the recent form of their top scorer, a host of top clubs from across Europe are transfer representatives to Leicester as they seek aggressive reinforcements.

Less expectedly the man Milan, Internazionale, Juventus and Bologna are all concerned in is Andrej Kramaric, who has played 12 minutes of top-flight football this period and has been named in the Foxes’ matchday group for just one of their last seven league games (though to be fair he did score alongside Bury in the Capital One Cup).

Breel Embolo

Not that Jamie Vardy’s achievements have gone entirely ignored. Certainly, British screenwriter Adrian Butchart – the man who wrote the first two Goal! Films – is at present in Hollywood pitching Vardy – The Movie! “It’s amazing to think he was playing non-league football and making medical splints for a living until so recently,” he says. “It’s the kind of role actor’s dream of.” The Sun, whose exclusive this tale is, reports that “Robert Pattinson, Andrew Garfield and Zac Efron are candidates to fill Vardy’s boots” in the dramatisation of his rise to sporting prominence. Continue reading “Breel Embolo to Manchester United, Barca or Arsenal?”

NBA: Joel Embiid, another blank year?

The first season of Joel Embiid in the Philadelphia 76ers is easily summarized: nothing, zero. The Cameroon player aiming to be number one draft pick in 2014, but an injury cleared the unknowns: Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker came out as one and two respectively Embiid and fell to third place, chosen by the team of Philadelphia.

The Sixers played it because they chose a boy of 19 who suffered a stress fracture in his foot, not too common problem in kids as young and very difficult to overcome. Just ask Kevin Durant, for example. Although, Embiid had already proven to be prone to physical problems during her University, which was lost quite a few games for different ailments.

joel embiid

And since the path leading Sixers could not leave things obviously well. The injury was more serious than at first seemed and the young Cameroon player has been all season on television. History repeated because a year earlier another pivot Sixers and newcomer to the league, Nerlen Noels, also the course was spent in white, this one by a knee injury. Continue reading “NBA: Joel Embiid, another blank year?”

Atletico announces the arrival of the Belgian Yannick Ferreira-Carrasco

yannick ferreira

A while now, at Atletico Madrid has been happening the same cycle: a record player is, he notes, is sold and you have to find a substitute. Turkish Arda Turan is one of the latest examples of this cycle: Galatasaray came, he fell in love with the fans, it was sold to Barcelona and already has someone to replace, and we’ll see if he can make him forget.

This is Yannick Ferreira – Carrasco, a young player of 21 years who still has much to prove, but it is one of the greatest talents of his generation. Portuguese father and Spanish mother, is a national Belgian and comes from Monaco French club who signed him after watching him play with one of the bottom teams in Belgium a few years ago.

yannick ferreira

The French team Genk recruited when he was still a kid, and just 17 years since his debut with the first team when he was still in the French second division. His progression has been as expected, becoming gradually more important in the scheme of the team player and getting to make debut with the national team of Belgium after passing through all lower. Continue reading “Atletico announces the arrival of the Belgian Yannick Ferreira-Carrasco”

NBA: Ray Allen will not play this season

Some time ago in this blog we wondered the closest to Ray Allen future. At that time, it seemed that the player only shuffled two options: to sign for a team with options to ring or deciding to put an end to his long career in the NBA.

However, Allen has decided to throw down the street in the middle. The player has already ruled, or rather, has done his representative, Jim Turner, with a statement which contained these words of Allen about his future:

ray allen

In recent months, I have had much time to think about what’s best for me. Finally, I decided that I will not play this season in the NBA. I’ll spend the rest of the season, until it’s preseason, reexamining my situation, being with my family, and then decide if I’ll play in the 2015-2016 season. Continue reading “NBA: Ray Allen will not play this season”