Good chances for Handball World Cup in German Free-TV

Handball World Cup in German Free-TV

Good news for the German handball fans: The chances are good that the next two world championships in 2019 and 2021 will be on free TV again. The last two tournaments ran on pay TV on Sky (2015) or as an online stream on the homepage of a sponsor (2017). At that time, the Qatari rights holder beIN Sports had refused to sell the rights to ARD and ZDF or any other free-TV channel. Reason: By satellite, these stations are freely available in countries such as France, where beIN Sports Pay held rights to the World Handball Championships.

Handball World Cup in German Free-TV

According to SPORT BILD information, the Qataris will not play this time in the bidding for the rights for the 2019 and 2021 World Championships. The World Federation IHF wants to vote on the final award on Monday (13 November) at its congress in Turkey. In industry circles, experts are already firmly believe that the French marketer Lagardere gets there the contract. The tournaments will take place in 2019 in Germany and Denmark and 2021 in Egypt. Continue reading “Good chances for Handball World Cup in German Free-TV”

European women’s handball 2016: Spain debuts with defeat against Sweden

european women’s handball 2016

Although it sounds like a cliche, start a tournament is never easy and less against the host team. The Spanish team has begun its journey in the European women’s handball 2016 against Sweden; the team hosts the twelfth edition of this competition, and has not done anything right, with a clear defeat by 25-19.

He could enter it plans losing to Sweden, but not in the plans was falling so overwhelmingly , obviously leaves something touched to any group. In fact, if not for the great performance of Silva Navarro, with a save percentage above 30%, the loss would have been greater.

european women’s handball 2016

And that the party did not start anything wrong. In the first minutes, within the reigning equality were the Guerreras that came forward more often and even had a 0-2 in the opening stages as maximum advantage. It all started to fall apart in the last third of the first part, when a 7-6 for Spain it went to a 14 to 10 break for Sweden, made – up thanks to a goal by Nerea Pena at the last minute. Continue reading “European women’s handball 2016: Spain debuts with defeat against Sweden”

Barcelona win the Copa del Rey handball

This weekend has played the finals of the Copa del Rey handball this year 2015. In the Palace of Sports of The Guide, in Gijon, appointment was the four teams qualified for the Final Four: FC Barcelona Angel Ximenez Puente Genil, Fraikin Granollers and Juanfersa Gijon, the host team.

Barcelona and Puente Genil starred the first semifinal. The Andalusians had done enough to reach this stage of the competition and could not dream of surprise. After the first half, Barcelona only won 15-12 in the second half but finally imposed his power and brought the score to 34-23 ends, Victor Thomas as top scorer of the match.

copa del rey handball

In the other semifinal faced Juanfersa Gijon and Fraikin Granollers. With the environment in their favor, the home team played a great game but not enough to defeat Granollers, which was imposed by a tight 26-28. The last minutes were very exciting and Gijon had a chance to tie, but a major intervention by Marc Guardia avoided it. Continue reading “Barcelona win the Copa del Rey handball”

How to play handball

play handball

Handball, a very popular game in Ireland, has become increasingly popular in the United States. It is similar to racquetball and squash, unless the ball is hit by hand and can be played with 2-4 players in singles or doubles. Even with all rules and regulations of the game, the following steps will guide you on how to play handball 4 walls.

Stand next to your opponent on the floor facing the front wall. You, as the server, must remain in the “service area”, which is about 10 feet (3 m) away from the front wall. Your opponent should be at least 5 feet (1,5mt) behind the service area when you serve.

play handball

Bounce the ball once on the ground. When the ball up, hit her with his hand toward the front wall causing it to hit without touch the ground first and then bounce over the service area. Continue reading “How to play handball”

2015 Handball World: Thierry Omeyer tournament MVP

2015 handball world

Surf and after the 2015 World Handball, we review below who were awarded individual players throughout the tournament. And for that, we begin with the award for best player of the tournament, the MVP, who has gone as expected, at the hands of a player in France, the team that won the gold medal.

The MVP was for Thierry Omeyer, veteran goalkeeper Bleus. Omeyer has not been the best goalkeeper in the tournament percentage, for that honor has the German Carsten Lichtlein, but the one that has made stops in total. In addition, its performance in key moments of the semifinals and the final was very high, to the point that not yield to that level France would not have taken his fifth World.

2015 handball world

Omeyer heads as best goalkeeper of the tournament the ideal team, which has cast a Spanish player: Valero Rivera. The son of the coach of Qatar has been voted the best left end of the tournament, deserved award after being the top scorer in the Spanish selection and sixth of the entire championship, highlighting its effectiveness above 80%, the best among Tops scorers. Continue reading “2015 Handball World: Thierry Omeyer tournament MVP”