What Should I Look For In A Golf Management Company?

At some point, many golf club owners will realize that they are in need of management services. Once you realize that your club would operate more effectively under professional supervision, it’s time to start thinking about which management company you should hire to help you. Below are three attributes you should look for in a golf management company:
Golf management companies1.) Extensive Experience In The Industry.

One attribute you should seek out in a golf management company is extensive experience in the industry. This attribute is important because the companies that have more experience will typically possess the knowledge and know-how necessary to keep your club in optimal condition. When you start looking for the ideal golf management company, note that the business Troon has been operative since 1990. You can typically determine how long a company has been in business by reviewing their website.

2.) Multiple Service Offerings.

Another attribute you should look for in a golf management company is whether they offer multiple services. Taking this step will ensure that you’ll be able to attain all of the assistance you need from one company rather than going through multiple businesses to obtain the services that will keep your golf club operative and successful. One way to determine whether a golf management company will be able to offer you all of the services you need is by seeing whether they have multiple departments. In many cases, a golf company might have some or all of the following departments:

  • Club Operations
  • Membership Sales & Marketing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Human Resources
  • Daily Fee Sales & Marketing
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Procurement
  • Risk Management
  • Design & Development
  • Legal
  • Information Technology

3.) Competitive Pricing.

Once business owners start looking for the right golf club company, they will likely examine their budget to see how much money they should set aside for the services. Typically, business owners don’t want to have to pay extraordinarily high fees to ensure that their golf club is aesthetically appealing, highly functional, cutting edge, etc. To ensure that you’re paying reasonable rates, compare and contrast the prices charged by at least three golf management companies before you select the organization that you’ll do business with!


Once you realize that your golf club is in need of management services, it’s time to start looking for the right company. Although each management company will have substantive differences, the best ones typically have several attributes in common. Some of those attributes will include extensive experience in managing golf clubs, multiple service offerings, and competitive pricing. Once you’ve found a management company that possesses all of these attributes, you’ve probably located a team of professionals who will offer you the exemplary, expedient services you’re seeking!

British Open Grace with record for eternity

British Open Grace

The South African Branden Grace has set a historic golf record with a dream round at the 146th British Open. The 29-year-old was the first golf pro at a Major tournament to complete a round with only 62 beats on the par-70 course of Royal Birkdale in Southport, England. In the 441 tournament major history, the oldest of the four most important tournaments the British open has existed since 1860.

British Open Grace

There have so far been 31 laps with 63 beats, but never a 62nd Grace, the Royal Birkdale just barely Cut, played eight birdies and ten par-holes on his record round on Saturday at perfect outer conditions. It feels great to be an extraordinary round from the start said Grace. That he was on record, he did not know. My Caddy has congratulated me on the record, until then I had no idea. Enlarge Colombian Orlando Duque at the Cliff Diving World Series. Continue reading “British Open Grace with record for eternity”

Get Your Golf Swing on Plane for Consistent Ball Striking

Having your golf swing on plane should be the primary attribute that will affect the result or outcome of the golf shot. As soon as you manage to retrain your muscles’ memory to get your golf swing on plane, the other components of the swing should be much easier to manipulate and adjust. A consistent shot must comprise of having the golf swing on plane, or else you will uncover it very hard to produce the same shot every single time. If you would like to know brief information about luxury golf holidays , please choose golfing experience.

The ideal golf swing plane is determined by the golf club which is used.  Basically, the longer the club the flatter the appropriate plane should be. The driver is significantly longer compared to the 9 iron so naturally the golf ball must be further from the body at address. Doing so should demand a flatter path to have the golf swing on plane.

golf-swing-on-planeEffects of Not Having Your Golf Swing on Plane

Every golfer requires a unique golf swing plane that is appropriate for their physical characteristics. Even so, a lot of newcomers and intermediates do not have their golf swing on plane. This golf swing becomes an action which gets embedded into their muscles’ memory which becomes increasingly difficult to unlearn and turns into a bad habit.  Not getting the golf swing on plane is the primary cause of not striking straight – slicing, hooking, pulling & pushing shots. And you’ll uncover that you’ll start to compensate with your alignment because you get good at regularly generating one or two of these types of misses. This leads to being punished on the course when you actually hit the golf ball straight.

To have the golf swing on plane, the player must maintain their hands, arms and club on an identical plane. A club moving along a path outside the ideal swing plane is probably going to approach the golf ball either too steep or too flat. Which by itself should move the club face away from its appropriate angle and result in a wayward shot? The club must travel on the correct path, controlled by the hands and arms being in the correct positions, to get the golf swing on plane so the club head should impact the ball squarely. Continue reading “Get Your Golf Swing on Plane for Consistent Ball Striking”

Combine Both Leisure and Workouts by Playing a Game of Golf


Golf has always been known as a sport of leisure which was practiced only by those of high status which bore the status of gentleman but nowadays the tables have turned and golf became more and more accessible to a lot of people and became one of the most popular and well-received sport around the world.

This sport is played outdoors on large surfaces which cover from 30 to over 200 acres. Judging by the surface of the field, there are some benefits to be taken into account when practicing this sport and not only does one has to employ some masterful techniques and best gear choice when playing this sport but also he or she should factor the amazing benefits which are brought along playing it.


One of the Best Ways to Burn Calories

Covering such a large surface implies a lot of walking and if one wishes to skip out for a chance to ride the golf cart, walking the average course would put any individual through the test of walking a small marathon of five to seven kilometers. Take into account that people have to carry their own clubs and irons and if the terrain is hill-shaped, one will burn even more calories which will amount to even more burnt than a heavy cardio workout at a gym.

Keeps Your Heart Rate Up and Optimal

Playing golf will lead to a pretty good workout as aforementioned but it is an amazing exercise for your heart as well. When doing all sorts of movements in order to play the game, the heart rate is exponentially increased while it tries to keep the blood pumping and increase its flow. Not only will this greatly reduce the risk of one getting heart disease but it will also decrease levels of cholesterol and will lead to a better general state of health. Continue reading “Combine Both Leisure and Workouts by Playing a Game of Golf”

Tee Off with These Fabulous Golf Wear and Accessories


In the past, the general impression people had about golf wear was that the clothes were drab. It made sense for people to think that way because golf wear used to be extremely simplistic and there were many restrictions in terms of dress code. Today, however, female golfers can enjoy hitting aces in style!Gone are the days when golf wear was too restrictive in terms of options. Here are some fabulous golf wear and accessories you can don while walking the course:

Golf pants

For women, consider bottom-wear that stretches and recovers well. Stretchy fabric enables better movement,and good elasticity will help a garment retain its size even after getting stretched. Pants are a good choice because their length will keep your legs protected from the sun and the cold. Golf pants are also un-cuffed to prevent the collection of dirt and grass.

golf-wear-accessoriesGolfers usually play matches that last five to six hours, so dressing for comfort is a must. But you can be both comfortable and stylish. Brands like Montreal-based Swing Control offer highly stretchable golf wear that are designed to fit any body well, with tummy control technology incorporated in their pants, shorts, skorts, and capris that ensure a slim, flattering figure on all ladies. They also have great patterns and colors to choose from.

Golf Tops

As with well-fitting pants, shirts must also not be too loose that it will get caught in the wind or too tight that it becomes uncomfortable. Shirts should be nonrestrictive, and it should keep you comfortable in any given weather.

Golf shirts come in an array of styles, but collared shirts or polo shirts are the most common because of their versatility and semi-formal look. Polo shirts have different designs that you can choose from, including, button-down, V-neck,and zipper style. Of course,a variety of colors and patterns are available as well. Continue reading “Tee Off with These Fabulous Golf Wear and Accessories”

Must-Have Golf Accessories To Keep Your Game On A Rainy Day

No one can predict with absolute precision how the weather will turn out in a few hours or the next day. If you live in a place where seasons may change more drastically than in other locations, then having the proper clothing and gear can help you get through the day unscathed.

The same is true when you’re planning to enjoy a game of golf. “Playing golf in the rain is fun,” said no golfer in the history of the sport! There are so many reasons why rain makes golfing uncomfortable for many people – obstructed views, restricted swings, and the constant need to stay dry.

golf accessories

In the same way that players need to wear the right golfing gear for summer, the rainy season also requires a different set of gear to bring. Here are some of the most important accessories that you need to bring on a rainy golf game:

The Basics

The first thing you should prioritize is to protect yourself from the inclement weather. Otherwise, you may end up getting sick after a long day at the golf range. Some of the most fundamental golf rain accessories are water-proof and can withstand the wet and harsh conditions of the rainy season.

It may be a good idea to bring a pair of everything that you usually wear on a golf game. That way, when the rains come in and you get all soaking wet, you can just change to a dry set of golf gear.

Rain-ready golf gloves

Your hands are constantly in contact with the golf club during every swing, and so it is important for your grip to be firm and secure. By wearing golf gloves designed for wet surfaces, you should be able to keep a firm grip without fear of the club shaft slipping off your hands.

Look for golf gloves made of microfiber and quick-drying material for added protection against any wet condition.

Rechargeable hand warmer

Technology has provided golfers with a lot of tools for play improvement, such as GPS devices. Make sure that you read a Bushnell NEO XS review first, before deciding on which kind of device you will purchase.

In the case of rainy weather, a pocket hand warmer should be able to prevent cold and numb fingers. This device may be charged via USB connection, and emits a warm 120 degrees in your pocket.

Sturdy umbrella

Who doesn’t think of an umbrella when the rain comes up? Unfortunately, bringing just any kind of umbrella may ruin your golf experience, especially is the downpour is heavy and the winds too strong.

Choose a sturdy umbrella that is designed to stand its ground against a wind gush or heavy rains. Some umbrella products are made from strong materials that don’t flip up when a sudden gush blows by.

Rainproof golf jacket

Although some golfers may not like wearing additional clothing during a game, golf jackets is a highly effective protective gear from the rain. Besides, a lot of jackets are designed specifically for golfers. “Windbreakers or rainproof jackets made of woven materials may feature knit panels or gussets under the arms for easier movement,” according to this article.

You may not have control over the weather, but you can prepare for any kind of situation during a golf game. By using these accessories, you should be able to enjoy your game of golf even in the wettest of seasons.

Golfing at PGA Catalunya


I am a huge golf fan, and am often to be found relaxing with a cool beer watching the US open or poring over catalogues of the latest golfing equipment. However, I also love to indulge in a spot of golf myself and find that the best way to do this is to combine it with a holiday. That way, I get to explore a whole new region of the world, enjoy some culinary treats and play a little golf in the afternoons as well.

And so, I always make sure to find hotels and resorts that have their own golf courses – or, places to stay that provide close links with golf courses and access to local golfing clubs. This is actually much easier than you might think!


One great place to play golf: PGA Catalunya

PGA Catalunya offers brilliant luxury resort style accommodation and plenty of golf to boot. If you want to find out more about them, then just head on down to their website, which can be found at http://www.pgacatalunya.com/. Details of the accommodation offered can be seen at luxury real estate. As you can see, these Costa Brava resorts, villas in Barcelona for sale and luxury houses in Spain are extremely sumptuous, welcoming and comfortable. And, even better, PGA Catalunya offers some amazing opportunities for golfing! What could be better than playing golf on the sun splashed coast of the Costa Brava, or within a stone’s throw of the famous Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona?


If you are feeling intrigued by all of this, then all of the information that you could possibly desire about golfing with PGA Catalunya can be found right golf packages. Take it from me, a golf holiday is ideal for so many different situations. You can whisk your significant other away for a romantic golf getaway or head down to a golf resort with a group of your like minded (golf obsessed) friends. It’s ideal for lone travelers, too!

What To Wear On The Golf Course This Summer

As one of the wettest winters and springs on record finally looks like bursting into summer – there’s no better time to plan your new summer golf look. You can dress like your favourite pros, or mix and match to create your own perfect look, the choice is yours. Just remember, if you look good, you’ll feel good, and the chances are – you’ll Play Great!

Now the only decision is what item do you choose first to start to build your new summer golfing look, shirts, trousers or shoes?

Personally, I always start with the shirts. And there’s no better place to start than the latest D-Vent range, which feature a ventilation insert that moves with your swing, keeping you cool even under the most demanding pressure. This two-tone range also comes in a great selection of colours including red with a blue collar, light blue with a navy collar, and black with a grey collar. Alternatively, you could go for the more traditional-looking range of Cobra Branded Shirts, which come in a variety of colours, including the increasingly fashionable orange famously worn by current Players Champion and Scottish Open Champion Rickie Fowler. However, he’s not the only professional wearing this brilliant range of clothing, and new-kid-on-the-block Bryson De Chambeau can be seen strutting down the fairways in them, as well as current Irish Open Champion Soren Kjeldson.


If you want to be at the height of fashion this summer, then it may well be time to splash-out on a pair of Puma Joggers, designed personally by golf-fashion icon Rickie Fowler. These come with an elasticated cut-hem aimed at improving comfort and athleticism. However, if you’re a little more traditional, then you can’t go wrong with Puma’s 6 Pocket Pant design. Made from Moisture Wicking Dry-Cell Fabric, they offer maximum comfort and breathability, whilst a special scorecard-pocket has also been incorporated. They come in a range of colours including white, which is very popular amongst the world’s elite golfers at the moment, as well as blue and grey – and yes they’re also available in Rickie Fowler signature orange. Continue reading “What To Wear On The Golf Course This Summer”

Golfers, Get Your Waterproofs and Your Game On!

Waterproof Jackets

Don’t let inclement weather stop your play this winter. With the leading golf and sports brands offering a great choice of high-performance golf clothing, you can get your waterproofs and your game on!

Here’s a few tips on what to look for from your winter golf clothing:

Waterproof Jackets

Waterproof Jackets

The incredibly lightweight structure of the latest waterproof jackets makes it possible to fold them into a small bundle and stash them in your golf bag to keep you dry in any season.

When buying a waterproof jacket, look out for breathable, stretchy, Gore-Tex fabrics in a slim-fit cut. They will protect you from rain and icy winds, regulate your temperature to keep you warm and give you the complete range of movement you need for a powerful, accurate swing.

There’s such a wide range available from the likes of Callaway, Footjoy and Galvin Green that you can find a colour, cut and design to suit your personal style. With varied design features such as half or full zips, adjustable cuffs and hems and zipped pockets, you and your belongings are guaranteed to stay dry for the full 18. Continue reading “Golfers, Get Your Waterproofs and Your Game On!”

US Open Golf 2015: Jordan Spieth gets the final victory

jordan spieth

Jordan Spieth, the new American hero of the golf world, continues to make history. The young golfer from only 21 a few months ago was scoring victory in the Masters did the same in the US Open achieving the second best of his career that came after a spectacular final in Chambers Bay with several players choosing to victory until the last hole of the course.

Dustin Johnson, Branden Grace, and Jason Day initiated the day tied for the lead with Spieth. They were the favorites to win maximum but some others wanted to join the fight as Rory McIlroy who signed a card of -4 in the day or Adam Scott with a spectacular tour of -6 to -3 put him in the global tournament, a result that could be worth a tiebreaker, as the -4 of Louis Oosthuizen as the leaders were not making the field.

jordan spieth

A lack of 4 holes to the end everything was tied and could not yet speak of a winner or how many players could reach the playoff. Branden Grace fell off the fight on the 16th hole to send a ball out of bounds and stop the hole double bogey. Jordan Spieth took the gift and with a birdie was placed as sole leader with three strokes ahead. Continue reading “US Open Golf 2015: Jordan Spieth gets the final victory”