Choosing A Reputable Company For Cricket Equipment

cricket online

Cricket is a hugely popular sport in Australia, and it’s the number one game of choice for many people. Cricket fans are more than happy to spend days watching their favourite team, and many of those fans enjoy playing a bit of cricket themselves. While Australia has many professional teams that provide great entertainment, there are also an abundance of amateur teams that citizens can get involved with. When a person decides they want to partake in a game of cricket and hopefully join a club, they’ll need to buy equipment from a provider they can trust.

cricket online

When it comes to playing cricket, cricketers are required to purchase an abundance of equipment including clothes, bats, protective wear and cricket balls. The cost of all that equipment can add up to a large total sum, and players will want to know the equipment they buy will be able to take a beating and stand the test of time.

For this reason, cricketers should search for cricket online to find a company that specialises in a range of services, from equipment maintenance to sales. If a cricketer can find a company they trust, such as Meulemans Cricket Online, they can help make sure they buy equipment that will last as long as possible. Continue reading “Choosing A Reputable Company For Cricket Equipment”

Coincidence or fate: Crickets marveling facts

Cricket is one of the popular sports especially among the commonwealth nations. The game loved by many both fans and players brings together friends and foes, former masters and colonists into a common field to play it out and beat each other. Interest facts have been collected since the onset of the game, with some pundits describing them as coincidences while the superstitious finding fate in the marvelling events.

Saif Ali Khan’s grandfathers happened to have played for a master and a colony. He paid for England before India attained independence, and then he played for India after independence cutting the cardinal rule in sports of not playing for two competing countries in an international sport. Imagine, 4,204 wickets and 39,969 runs in a single game. Wilfred Rhodes made it into the mysteries of the game by achieving this amazing play. If you are not surprised, then Ishant Sharma being responsible for all the three highest scores that were made by a batsman in the 21st century will surprise you.


If you thought that, the highest number of runs that were scored in an over was 36, then you are wrong. A sequence of fours, sixes and zeros with some ones resulted to the highest number being 77. Bradman who needed only four runs for a career test average of 100 finished with 99.94, talking of slight narrow misses. There is no significant slight miss, than ending a test carry closets to the 100 mark.  Continue reading “Coincidence or fate: Crickets marveling facts”