Why people do not accompany America in the Paschal

America in the Paschal

The team was saved from returning to the second division last year, was the protagonist in the auction of the championship. It started this season with the spirit through the roof. Jorge Da Silva is the creator of a group that wants to be up to the level of its history and is on the right track. For rejoicing that is more scarlet ‘Moth’ is showing another facet in this period of the year, with a more aggressive and at times hyper-aggressive team.

America in the Paschal

However, nothing motivates the people to fill the Guerrero stadium. It did in the return to the first division, a year ago. The players feel that they do not care for him and that is why they demand more support. America is a team that always fills in the bad wherever after the triumph against Patriots. Why is it that a fan as faithful as the one from America does not accompany the team? delivers five reasons that can help understand the scarlet disdain for these weeks. Continue reading “Why people do not accompany America in the Paschal”

Xabi Prieto We have not grown up we need victories

Xabi Prieto

Xabi Prieto does not hide the disappointment that has led to the elimination in Copa Del Rey. Put hot paw to the bad dynamics that crosses the Real League. Starting with the last performance in the Metropolitan where Atletico assured the victory by two goals to one. Captain txuri urdin has acknowledged this morning. In Zubieta that the previous week has not been good that only has a football explanation. You see with the favorable score, in four minutes you have one goal to eliminate. The rival grows and there are no teams of First or Second B.

Xabi Prieto

Following the style of play, that Eusebio preaches since his arrival. We have been without a defined style for many years. Now that we have it, we will not hesitate. He said, adding immediately that we are a team with a ball. Taking the initiative, we feel comfortable but when we submitted. We do not Of course, he insisted we need victories I am convinced that we can achieve them and in the locker room, there is confidence. Continue reading “Xabi Prieto We have not grown up we need victories”

The chilling clause of rescission that put Messi in his new contract

Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of Barcelona, ​​has admitted that the renewal of Leo Messi’s contract has delayed since “a new contract” has drafted to “adapt the clause (from 300 to 700 million) to the current situation of football. This has admitted the Barça leader in statements to Barca TV. After the Paris Saint Germain (PSG) made effective the rescission clause of Neymar Jr (234 million euros) and hired the Brazilian, all the alarms went on at the Camp Nou. That in the new contract signed by the father of Leo Messi last June collected a clause of 300 million euros, affordable for the great fortunes that now run football clubs in Europe.


For that reason, the Barca put hands to the work as it has admitted the azulgrana president today. “The contract we signed in June, which was totally valid, was a contract that put Leo at the level of the great player he is, but in this new contract we have signed now we have done to adapt the clause to the current situation of football “, has said. Football is changing a lot, since this summer we have seen it. That is why the clause (300 million) we had to review it and now it goes to 700 million euros. Which places the player in the current moment of football,” he clarified. Continue reading “The chilling clause of rescission that put Messi in his new contract”

With blows and great archers Junior takes a point

With blows and great archers,

Junior pulled a valuable tie from his visit to Cerro Porteno, but he leaves with the feeling of having been able to have something more. Jorge Comesana’s team failed to open the scoring, and weighed the strong game to get the zero in a tough match in ‘Nueva Olla’ of Asuncion.

With blows and great archers,

Cerro started with a greater dominance, after a corner shot that nodded badly Leonardo Pico and almost got into the bow of Sebastian Viera in the first minute of the match. Rafael Perez fought a player in the 10th minute that did not see any of the judges. It was just one of the many faults that. Continue reading “With blows and great archers Junior takes a point”

Barcelona tries to sign this crack before the Supercopa vs Real Madrid


A Barcelona vs. Real Madrid will always be attractive. No matter the context, the templates, the departure of a player like Neymar or if Cristiano Ronaldo takes only ten days training after the holidays. The fervor increases if it is a final, as the two clubs will split for the Spanish Super Cup, two matches, starting at the Camp Nou. However, even though their forces are even, their gifts are not.


The atmosphere in Barcelona is not the best, after the departure of Neymar. The departure of the Brazilian left 222 million euros in the cobra’s blaugranas, but at the same time a number of problems. The first one is who replaces crack? Many have been names related to the Catalan team, but so far, these negotiations are quite complicated. One that was mentioned was the young Frenchman Kylian. The player did not even consider the interest and is about to sign with the PSG. Continue reading “Barcelona tries to sign this crack before the Supercopa vs Real Madrid”

The Juve to semifinals after tie at the Camp Nou

Barcelona there was no second miracle at the Camp Nou, where Barcelona, ​​in the last European game of Luis Enrique in the Barca bench, tied without goals and was unable to overcome the 3-0 that came from Turin against a solid Juventus Who controlled the game at all times and never saw danger to his pass to the semifinals.

Today was another team different Barca, with tension that is more competitive but that was not enough. The ballast of the first leg was too heavy and despite trying it in every way (20 shots), the azulgranas were not very successful (two shots between the three sticks). Those who thought that the match could be a copy of the one lived more than a month before the Paris Saint Germain were wrong. Neither Juve played like the Parisians nor was Allegri’s approach that of Emery.


They went looking for the youths to Barca from the beginning they forced the losses of the azulgranas and were met with a referee who let plays a lot which initially uncontrolled Luis Enrique’s team against a very physical opponent.

It recovered the Juventus and it went against with the speed of Dybala or of Square and had the reference of Higuain in attack. The Argentine was the first to try (min.13) but after 15 minutes things changed. Barça started to see the road. Busquets was recovering closer to the Turin side the game was centered on the left with Neymar, Alba as protagonists Messi sought the ball, and Iniesta claimed his share. Continue reading “The Juve to semifinals after tie at the Camp Nou”

Madrid remain the leader after a controversial comeback

Real Madrid maintained the leadership of LaLiga Santander after to prevail by 2-3 before the Villarreal in a party that went to lose by 2-0 in the second half. That was the game. Manu Trigueros (m.50) and French-Congolese Cedric Bakambu (m.56) seemed to have settled the match. Zinedine Zidane’s team did not give up and went back with goals from Welshman Gareth Bale (m.64), Cristiano Ronaldo. A penalty (m.74) and alvaro Morata (m.83). Real Madrid continues with a point of advantage over Barcelona in the League.

After a few minutes of Real Madrid’s dominance, the match was balanced as the first half progressed. Even Villarreal was the one who at times, made the controls of the game. In this trend had a lot to do with Bruno Soriano above all, Samu Castillejo who brought the Madrid team in check, unable to control the actions of the top half of the whole Castellon.

Fran side saw their goalkeeper Sergio Asenjo leave the pitch after a half-hour break after injuring a few minutes earlier in a chance action that helped him avoid a goal in the best occasion of Real Madrid. Far from improving, the Castellon set by an intense and precise Villarreal in the pass overcame Real Madrid but who lacked marksmanship.

Villarreal advance with two goals

A brilliant play from the local attack carried out by Samu Castillejo was culminated by Trigueros within five minutes of restarting the match with a scrimmage that Keylor Navas could not do. The Madrid was touched and the Villarreal began to take advantage of the occasions that had missed in the first time. Thus, he solved a great pass from Bruno Soriano – the best of his team with Castillejo to Bakambu with a great definition to Keylor Navas to put the 2-0 on the scoreboard.

A ball to the bat of Cristiano Ronaldo in the 60th minute was the prelude to the goal of Bale to shorten distances in the score when taking advantage of a good pass to the area of ​​Carvajal. Without getting better in their game two accelerations in their game were enough to the equipment of Zinedine Zidane to get back to the party. Continue reading “Madrid remain the leader after a controversial comeback”

Previous schedules and broadcasts 2015 Club World Cup

2015 club world cup

It begins in a few days the 2015 Club World Cup and High pulsations are ready to continue developing as the last title of the year. After the tournament was played in Morocco during their latest editions, this year (and next) the tournament will be played in Japan, so the major parties in Spain we will see tomorrow.

The teams participating in the competition are:

• FC Barcelona (Spain) as the champion of Champions League 2014-2015
• River Plate (Argentina) as champion of the 2015 Copa Libertadores
• Club America (Mexico) and champion of the CONCACAF Champions 2014-2015
• Guangzhou Evergrande (China) as champion of the Asian Champions League 2015

2015 club world cup

• Mazembe (DR Congo) as champion of the African Champions 2015
• Auckland City (New Zealand) as the champion of Oceania Champions 2014-2015
• Sanfrecce Hiroshima (Japan) and Japanese League champion and organizer

The games begin to be played on December 10, because that day Sanfrecce Hiroshima will face Auckland City in the previous round. The winner of this tie will play the first quarter-final against African Mazembe, on December 13th, and the winner of this match of the quarterfinals will face in the first semifinal at River Plate, on 16 December 11:30. Continue reading “Previous schedules and broadcasts 2015 Club World Cup”