NBA Betting: Expert Picks for the 2016-17 Season

The NBA regular season is less than two weeks away, and we want to share a few bets worth wagering. Futures and proposition bets include options for league, conference, and divisional titles, as well as season win-totals. The latter tends to offer good value year after year, and can prove easier to predict with the right tools and knowhow. The first step is joining a top-rated online sportsbook or two where you can shop prices and find the best NBA basketball expert picks.

Here’s two win-total bets worth betting of the upcoming 2016-17 season.


New York Knicks, UNDER 39.5 wins (+120)

You have to love Knicks fans. In mid October, the Westgate Las Vegas tweeted its sports book had taken more bets on New York to win the NBA championship than any other team. What are they thinking? Oddsmakers suggest the team will finish a game or two shy of a .500 record with an over-under of 39.5 wins. Reaching this number seems a bit optimistic in the grand scheme of things. Heck, making the playoffs is goal number one, not winning it all. Continue reading “NBA Betting: Expert Picks for the 2016-17 Season”

Detailed Betting Guide for Beginners with Interests in NBA

Do you have great regards for National Betting Association? Then you must have keen enthusiasm for betting strategies aiming at games, associated with it.  You should have a little bit impressive preparation to cope with right one stop destination for the betting strategies. Gambling in connection with NBA is always advantageous for the gamblers. Irrespective of being beginner or the experienced bettor, you must be flawless strategically to initiate deliberate efforts to win money by mean s of this kind of popular gambling.  At initial level, you may not befit to the required gambling methods for NBA games. However, you should learn how to develop yourself by relying on further similar information on the web. Definite online guides for betting may overwhelm you exciting ideas that you are going to love from the very beginning.  Even if you implement those ideas accordingly, it could be worthwhile in the long run.


Types of Betting on the NBA You Should Know

Elementary levels of gambling for NBA are quite easier & would be a guide of overall usefulness for the beginner.  This very guide should leave no stone unturned for all-inclusive approach of gambling on your part.  Here you can experience this very betting procedure in multiple ways. These ways are namely Money Line Betting for NBA, Prop Betting on NBA Games, Over Under Betting for NBA, or Spread Betting for NBA. Continue reading “Detailed Betting Guide for Beginners with Interests in NBA”

NBA: Steve Kerr wins the award for best coach for his 73-9 season

steve kerr

As a player, Steve Kerr was part of the best Chicago Bulls history, achieving a mark of 72 victories in regular season, until this year was the best ever. Kerr got three rings with Jordan and company and then rounded down his career with two more in the Spurs Duncan and Popovich, before its withdrawal.

As a coach, Kerr is arranged improve what he got on the track. His debut could not be better, making a ring with the Golden State Warriors in his debut year, and this year is on track in the second, after signing the best season ever.

steve kerr

No doubt that this year Kerr receive the award for best coach, especially when last year snatched Mike Budenholzer to create a choral symphony in Atlanta. Still, Kerr’s victory was not as clear as we expected and another coach, Terry Stotts has been about to snatch a deserved award. Continue reading “NBA: Steve Kerr wins the award for best coach for his 73-9 season”

NBA: Tom Thibodeau, the new head of Ricky Rubio in Minnesota Timberwolves

tom thibodeau

In 1989 he landed a new team in the NBA, the Timberwolves, and the city of Minneapolis again enjoy the NBA in 1960 after the Lakers put heading to sunny California. A wizard, which since then has not moved from the NBA that year also, and precisely Wolves debut Tom Thibodeau.

It has been many years and Thibodeau will join the team that opened the door to the NBA, but now not as a rookie fresh from Harvard assistant but as head coach and president of the franchise. Gone is a career as an assistant at several NBA teams and a career as a head coach in the Bulls, where he became best coach in the NBA.

tom thibodeau

For the Wolves, the 2015-2016 season has been a transition year and no improvement, marked by the death of Flip Saunders soon after to start the competition. The team fell to Sam Mitchell, who while wearing a exerting coach with full powers time, really did not have a plan for the team. That was noticeable throughout the regular season, where the Wolves were lower than expected. Continue reading “NBA: Tom Thibodeau, the new head of Ricky Rubio in Minnesota Timberwolves”

NBA: Wolves announced the death of his coach, Flip Saunders

flip saunders

In the summer of 2014, Flip Saunders returned to the Minnesota Timberwolves. As well as operations chief coach, he is responsible Saunders rebuilding a franchise he spent his best years long ago precisely under his command. And everything was going well: the acquisition of Andrew Wiggins was a success and the draft back to reward them with a number one after a season of transition.

But everything has gone wrong with the sad news of the death of Saunders , which unfortunately had to announce the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday 25 October. The death of his coach, and some players like Kevin Garnett much more than a coach, is a very tough club to franchise a few days to face the start of a season that faced with great enthusiasm.

flip saunders

Ricky Rubio recovered from his injury, with Wiggins progressing well and with the arrival of Karl Anthony Towns in Minnesota was the promised happier this season, with some experts envisioning the team could make a more than worthy season and even fight for being near playoffs. Now we’ll see how the season goes and what impact does this news affect much in the mood to party. Continue reading “NBA: Wolves announced the death of his coach, Flip Saunders”

NBA: Joel Embiid, another blank year?

The first season of Joel Embiid in the Philadelphia 76ers is easily summarized: nothing, zero. The Cameroon player aiming to be number one draft pick in 2014, but an injury cleared the unknowns: Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker came out as one and two respectively Embiid and fell to third place, chosen by the team of Philadelphia.

The Sixers played it because they chose a boy of 19 who suffered a stress fracture in his foot, not too common problem in kids as young and very difficult to overcome. Just ask Kevin Durant, for example. Although, Embiid had already proven to be prone to physical problems during her University, which was lost quite a few games for different ailments.

joel embiid

And since the path leading Sixers could not leave things obviously well. The injury was more serious than at first seemed and the young Cameroon player has been all season on television. History repeated because a year earlier another pivot Sixers and newcomer to the league, Nerlen Noels, also the course was spent in white, this one by a knee injury. Continue reading “NBA: Joel Embiid, another blank year?”

NBA: Ray Allen will not play this season

Some time ago in this blog we wondered the closest to Ray Allen future. At that time, it seemed that the player only shuffled two options: to sign for a team with options to ring or deciding to put an end to his long career in the NBA.

However, Allen has decided to throw down the street in the middle. The player has already ruled, or rather, has done his representative, Jim Turner, with a statement which contained these words of Allen about his future:

ray allen

In recent months, I have had much time to think about what’s best for me. Finally, I decided that I will not play this season in the NBA. I’ll spend the rest of the season, until it’s preseason, reexamining my situation, being with my family, and then decide if I’ll play in the 2015-2016 season. Continue reading “NBA: Ray Allen will not play this season”

NBA: Carmelo Anthony will be sidelined

carmelo anthony

It’s almost official: the Knicks will do tanking. That is, the Knicks are going to devote to lose as many games as possible to be well situated for next lottery pick. Surreptitiously, of course, but in that sense is not going to cost a lot to hide because, by nature, lose matches without letting go.

The first track gave Phil Jackson, saying that the season was a failure, and clinched her for. The second wine downward Amare Stoudemire, new player and the Dallas Mavericks, which although brought little, that little was more than bring others. And the third and final clue came with the announcement that Carmelo Anthony will go through surgery.

carmelo anthony

The star of the New York team was dragging discomfort in his knee that has devalued their performance throughout the season, and had even made him miss several games throughout the course. Still, the 30 years came averaging 24.2 points and 6.6 rebounds per game, numbers are not bad for a player injured, do not you think? Continue reading “NBA: Carmelo Anthony will be sidelined”