Why Do Athletes Go To Chiropractors?


When it comes to athletes, there are various things that should be mentioned. In so many cases the athletes end up being injured by doing really simple tasks. The body of a professional athlete is constantly put through a lot of stress. Doing all that is necessary in order to deal with the physical and mental stress is always a necessity to maintain performance at a high level.

Believe it or not, Miami chiropractors are quite commonly used by the athletes because of so many different reasons. The problem is that people tend to think these doctors are not going to help and that everything is just empty advertising. The belief appeared because of the way in which the media portrayed these doctors.


The truth is that chiropractors are very important and they can do so many great things for the human body. It is not just old people that should use the services of the chiropractor. It is also the professional athlete, normally when recovering from an injury. Generally speaking, there are two situations when athletes go to chiropractors. Continue reading “Why Do Athletes Go To Chiropractors?”

5 Tips for Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts to Maintain Healthy Feet

Whether you’re a serious athlete, a runner, or you just enjoy working out to remain fit in your free time, your feet can certainly take a beating. Most sports and forms of physical activity can put a lot of stress on our feet, and yet they’re an area we frequently ignore. However, foot health is important. Your feet are made up of more than 50 bones, which accounts for ¼ of the total bones in your body.

If you don’t take care of your feet properly the result can be not only aches and pains, but also structural issues. You can even develop health problems that impact your ability to remain physically active, and if that happens your entire quality of life is likely to be diminished.

It’s necessary to put some attention on your feet when you’re active, and these five tips can help you with that.


Invest In the Right Shoes

If you’re a runner, or you exercise frequently, and you feel like you have a lot of foot pain, it could likely be the result of wearing the wrong shoes. The right shoes can go a long way in not just protecting your feet, but also your legs, your back, and your entire body. Take the time to go to a professional who can help you get the right pair of shoes for your feet and your body. Continue reading “5 Tips for Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts to Maintain Healthy Feet”

Portland hosts the World Championships in Athletics Indoor Championships 2016

athletics indoor championships 2016

The US city of Portland, in Oregon, hosts the World Championships in Athletics Indoor Championships 2016. The event will take place on 17, 18, 19 and 20 of March at the Oregon Convention Center a space become running track for the occasion and with capacity for 8,000 spectators.

After the national championships held in Madrid, it has been virtually profiled list Spain for this event. A list headed by Ruth Beitia, our great asset medal, since come to Portland with the best mark of the season, 1.98, being the oldest athlete to have crossed that point.

athletics indoor championships 2016

The list would consist of the following thirteen athletes:

    Angel David Rodriguez (60 meters)
    Bruno Hortelano (60 meters)
    Francisco Javier Lopez (60 meters hurdles) *
    Yidiel Contreras (60 meters hurdles)

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