Barcelona and Juve are ahead in their qualifying

The Barcelona has won at Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium by 1-2; a marker that would pose should pass to the quarterfinals without much trouble as the English side would have to do at least two goals in the Camp Nou. Still, the feeling is that the club has missed the opportunity to completely close the tie with a higher score.

The first half of Barcelona was very good, thanks to Messi who dominated the game in every corner of the land, thanks to the City, whose output was indecipherable approach to expert eyes. Argentino aside, the protagonist would be whistled Luis Suarez, who would score two goals that put Barca in a fairly straightforward situation.


In the second half, the City improved and result of this came the goal Aguero, a superb assistance Silva. Self expulsion of Clichy, who made more than enough merit to go to the street, put back the stage for players that were reserved, perhaps for fear of a lethal against as 1-2. Finally, another gift, this Zabaleta, put Messi in tray 1-2, but Leo missed the penalty and the rebound into the empty net.

The two finalists in the 1996-1997 Champions League, Juventus and Borussia Dortmund, returned to see the faces in European competition, this time in a playoff round. For now, Juve are beginning to take revenge for that lost end winning the first leg 2-1 , revenge will be complete if certify his move to quarters on the back, playing on 18 March.

After 12 minutes the first goal in Juventus Stadium, was the work of Tevez into the empty net after some poor clearance from goalkeeper Weidenfeller. Just six minutes later, another gift Reus advantage, a slip Chiellini to shoot Buffon pleasure. But before the break would move the marker back again for Juve a goal from Alvaro Morata pass after the death of Pogba.

2-1 and would be the final score. Local, aware that it is not the best result to defend in Dortmund, insistently sought a third goal in the second half. There were occasions, but no goals, so the Klopp could breathe easy. 2-1, in the final analysis, is not the worst outcome for a team that seems out of the doldrums that has gone all season.

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