Never Miss A Beat With The CBS Sports App

If you follow sports, then you know that there can be a lot of time and effort involved on your end. Even if you only have a few teams that you watch, you have to be active and engaged to make sure that you don’t miss anything. Also, if you play fantasy sports, then it can be even more of a challenge to stay on top of your dream team. Fortunately, with the CBS sports app, you no longer have to search for information. Now, it all comes to you.

Getting Started

Once you download this sports app (it’s free, by the way), you will simply add the teams that you want to follow (don’t worry, you can update it later) and then the app will instantly track them for you.

It’s so simple to set up that you can be up and running in just a couple of minutes. Here’s what kind of stuff you can expect to receive from the app:

News Updates

When a player gets traded or injured, you will see a notification from the app. If any part of your team is covered in the news, you will be in the loop as soon as it happens. This is especially helpful when tracking fantasy sports.

Livescore App

Whenever your team plays, you will get an updated score as the game progresses. With this app, you no longer have to wait to find out the scores or be near a TV to see what’s happening. Your phone will do all the work for you. Continue reading “Never Miss A Beat With The CBS Sports App”

Side By Side Vehicles Are Becoming More Popular Than Ever

Have you noticed how people nearby where you live are enjoying a new hobby? It may even be the same hobby as yours. Custom recreational vehicles, such as Side By Side vehicles, are becoming more popular than ever all across the nation. There’s a clear reason why this should be so. Side By Side vehicles are more conveniently priced and easier to locate parts for than ever before. In many parts of the country, finding Side By Side vehicle accessories is almost as easy and common as finding parts for any top name modern car. As a result, this is one hobby that is meant to last.

Finding Parts For Your Side By Side Vehicle Is an Easy Task

What’s the worst part about owning a recreational vehicle? It certainly isn’t using it on all matter of terrain? Riding your vehicle in the countryside and having a blast is the reason your purchased it in the first place. But, unfortunately, there’s also a downside – or can be, if you let yourself treat it as such. When it’s time to buy parts for your Side By Side vehicle, some people really do choose to make it harder on themselves than it has to be. The fact is, when you need parts such as XD wheels and other accessories, you can choose to shop smart or keep on shopping the hard way.


What Is the Major Appeal of Owning a New Side By Side Vehicle?

There are many reasons why owning a new Side By Side vehicle may have a major appeal to many millions of people all across the world. These vehicles are very hardy and rugged. They are built to last. They are very versatile, as users can drive them around in all kinds of different terrain. Finally, as versatile as they are in all conditions, they are also extremely adaptable when it comes to customizing. You can order all manner of parts in order to fix up your Side By Side vehicle to the precise specs that you desire. This adaptability may be the ultimate source of their appeal. Continue reading “Side By Side Vehicles Are Becoming More Popular Than Ever”

Tips For Buying A Used Side By Side

Buying anything used can be a great way to save money. However, before you go out and spend the money you worked really hard for on something used like a UTV, you should take some time to consider your purchase. There are many things to look for and be careful about when you purchase any type of side by side. While you may not always be fully aware of what you are getting yourself into by buying used, consider the following tips to ensure you are going into the purchase with enough knowledge as possible.

Ask Questions

When looking at a used side by side for sale, you should be prepared to ask the seller a lot of questions. You should ask how long they have had the vehicle, why they are selling it and what kind of work they have had done to it. They should also be upfront about any problems with it that they are aware of. The basis of asking many questions is to build a small connection with the buyer in the hopes they will be upfront about the sale and offer you a good deal.

buy_UTVCheck Engine And Test Drive It

If possible, you will always want to take a used side by side for a test drive. This will let you get a feel for the vehicle and see if there are any issues that stick out to you. If it is not in riding condition but you are still interested in possibly buying it, then you should perform a thorough inspection of the engine and anything else you want. If you are not very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of UTVs, you should try and bring someone who is with you when you look at a vehicle you are interested in purchasing. Continue reading “Tips For Buying A Used Side By Side”

Combine Both Leisure and Workouts by Playing a Game of Golf


Golf has always been known as a sport of leisure which was practiced only by those of high status which bore the status of gentleman but nowadays the tables have turned and golf became more and more accessible to a lot of people and became one of the most popular and well-received sport around the world.

This sport is played outdoors on large surfaces which cover from 30 to over 200 acres. Judging by the surface of the field, there are some benefits to be taken into account when practicing this sport and not only does one has to employ some masterful techniques and best gear choice when playing this sport but also he or she should factor the amazing benefits which are brought along playing it.


One of the Best Ways to Burn Calories

Covering such a large surface implies a lot of walking and if one wishes to skip out for a chance to ride the golf cart, walking the average course would put any individual through the test of walking a small marathon of five to seven kilometers. Take into account that people have to carry their own clubs and irons and if the terrain is hill-shaped, one will burn even more calories which will amount to even more burnt than a heavy cardio workout at a gym.

Keeps Your Heart Rate Up and Optimal

Playing golf will lead to a pretty good workout as aforementioned but it is an amazing exercise for your heart as well. When doing all sorts of movements in order to play the game, the heart rate is exponentially increased while it tries to keep the blood pumping and increase its flow. Not only will this greatly reduce the risk of one getting heart disease but it will also decrease levels of cholesterol and will lead to a better general state of health. Continue reading “Combine Both Leisure and Workouts by Playing a Game of Golf”

Top Physical Activities that Don’t Feel Like Exercise

If you’re the type that enjoys hitting the gym and exercising on a regular basis, then keeping things new and interesting can sometimes be hard. You want to keep your body and mind challenged, so incorporating a variety of activities is key. If you’re looking for activities that do a good job at getting your heart rate going but aren’t necessarily thought of as “exercise”, then you will want to read on.

Roller Skating – Get Your Heart Rate Up

Here’s an activity that is sure to get your heart rate going and requires very little equipment. All you’ll need is a pair of roller skates and a helmet. If you’re new to the activity, you may want to invest in some elbow, wrist, and knee pads to protect you should you fall.

If you’re looking to compare this to another activity in terms of what it can do for your health, the closest activity to it is jogging. Where rollerskating differs is the fact it is much easier on your joints since they don’t have to absorb impact. Rollerskating is excellent cardio, good for the heart, helps with stability and mobility, and helps you to build your endurance.

Trampoline – Who Said You Can’t Still Act Like a Kid?

While trampolines are often thought of as a fun backyard activity for kids, the fact of the matter is that it’s an excellent workout for adults as well. Today you can join adult trampoline classes meant to give you a complete body workout all in the name of fun.

A recent study done by NASA came to the conclusion that just 10 minutes on the trampoline provides the same health benefits as a 30 minute run. So think about it, this means you can get a fabulous cardio workout in a third of the time, all while having a smile on your face.

This low impact activity is great for building strength in your muscles and bones, it will increase your heart rate, it helps with toning your body and weight loss, can improve your energy level and mood, and even helps your lymphatic system.

Dance Lessons/Class – Shimmy Your Way to Health

For anyone who’s never taken a dance class or lesson, you really don’t know what you’re in for! Dancing will work your entire body and give you a cardio workout like you’ve never experienced. You don’t have to be a professional in order to reap the benefits of this sport. If you want to increase the impact of the activity, choose a fast-moving dance like samba, salsa, breakdancing, tap dancing, or swing dancing.

Within just a few minutes you’ll find your heart beat increases, you start sweating, and you begin to use muscles you may not be used to using.

Get Creative with your Activities

There’s nothing wrong with getting creative with your activities in order to stay in shape and enjoy all the health benefits of exercise. As you can tell these activities are just as beneficial as your more traditional forms of exercise, but they will feel like the exact opposite of a workout routine.

3 Game-Changing Fitness Tips


In order to ensure your general health, you need to do some physical activities and eat nutritious food. Your well-being is one of the most crucial factors that make you a happy and better individual. Make it a point to take care of your body all the time and focus on getting fit each day to avoid any diseases that you might encounter.

One of the best ways to help your body stay strong is to work out frequently. By exercising, you can burn those excess fats, build muscles, boost your energy, as well as make you feel and look better. Thus, it is important that you find time to hit the gym or simply exercise at the comfort of your own home.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not have to be costly, you just need to put more effort and time to achieve all of your fitness goals. It might be tough at first, but you will eventually get used to it, especially if you love what you are doing and you are serious about getting healthy. Hence, here are some effective fitness tips that you can take into consideration to get best results: Continue reading “3 Game-Changing Fitness Tips”

Wind, Waves, and Weather: Android Apps for Water Sports Enthusiasts


For some of us, the water is a magnetic force that draws us in and becomes a playground that lets us pursue a range of different hobbies from surfing to fishing. Whether you are hoping to land a prize catch or surfing the waves, you need to know how to make the most of your day on or in the water.

Here is a look at some apps that help you plan your trip from weather data to optimum fishing conditions. Plus details of apps that connect the fishing and surfing communities.

water-sportsNavigate safely

There are several things that are really important when it comes to enjoying the water safely, the first is to stay on top of the latest weather conditions, and the second is the ability to be able to navigate through busy waters as safely as possible.

Download a live weather app and you will instantly have access to the latest conditions in real-time, as well as being able to view a forecast that will help you to plan your trip with more confidence.

You might also want to download the Navionics app, as this will provide you with a large selection of navigations charts and tidal information. A key feature of this app is the ability to download a chart onto your phone so that you plan your route and navigate safely even when you don’t have any wireless coverage. Continue reading “Wind, Waves, and Weather: Android Apps for Water Sports Enthusiasts”

Power boats are good for recreational fishing – Know more

You may have longed to own a sport-fishing boat that looks both gorgeous and sleek. While standing at the edge of a dock, you may have appreciated a big sport-fisher that looks pretty while floating in the bluish waters. It never really mattered if you had the means to venture offshore or purchase any fishing boat.

You’re bound to be captivated with a bit of salt water in your veins, especially when you’re placed within the far stretching lines and rich teak that spin a magic.

Do you have plans to do some saltwater fishing? If you’re attempting to catch a big game fish, then you must have an ideal fishing vessel to accommodate things. Most of your needs will only be addressed in time when you own or hire a high-performance boat. You may check out a few good options while visiting

Besides equipping these boats with multiple options, the manufacturers design them with a view to turn fishing as much convenient as possible. You’ll have options like that of fishing rod holders, fishing boxes, tackle lockers, and rigging stations. These boats are capable of supporting you in the long run and come with a minimum length of 26 feet. Continue reading “Power boats are good for recreational fishing – Know more”

Routine Every Basketball Players Follow to Keep Themselves Physically and Mentally Healthy

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” So work hard on these healthy routines to keep dribbling the ball.

When you dribble that ball and feel how it vibrates from the ground to your palm, it’s normal to feel some kind of satisfaction. The same happens when you jump and shoot that ball and see it go into the ring. However, you can’t do so without practice.

Feeling satisfied must not mean an end to all your endless routines. You may think that playing one game is good enough. But a player is known for his endurance. You have to keep yourself mentally and physically fit through continuous exercise.

Basketball offers a lot of health benefits, as long as one does so with diligence. Still, some people have wrong impressions on the daily routines and end up abusing their bodies. In lieu of this, to protect the welfare of players, companies, and firms like Cohen, Placitella & Roth, PC exist. There are also websites which offer professional help to athletes. Here are some ways on how you can keep your body and mind well-conditioned for the next game.


Too much exercise is not good. But having moderate exercise would serve as a scaffold to keep those muscles tight. Basketball players need to maintain their stamina, speed, control and strength in order to execute the game well. Experts recommend muscle training including dynamic warm-up, power movement, main strength move and abs workout.


Basketball is a strenuous game. With lots of running, jumping, and sweating, there’s no way you can keep your energy full all the time. A meal plan should be instilled to provide players a healthy diet with enough amount carbohydrates and protein which will keep their body energized. Continue reading “Routine Every Basketball Players Follow to Keep Themselves Physically and Mentally Healthy”

Jessi Combs: The Real Deal

Jessi Combs is one of the most famous women in the automotive industry and it all started with her graduation from WyoTech. She used her Custom Automotive Fabrication degree to secure a position at the SEMA showcase with a 1964 Mercury Cyclone built from scratch.

As the first woman to be invited to compete in the Race of Gentlemen, Combs is a trendsetter with a versatile set of skills. She finished impossible road races, released children’s books, and  can build an prime machine from scratch. Combs is truly the real deal and in the automotive scene. Read the infographic below to understand why Industrial Metal Supply is proud to provide the right supplies for her versatile interests.