2015 Rugby World Cup: Round 1 results

The 2015 Rugby World Cup began on Friday September 18. The opening match will be held at Twickenham, where England beat Fiji. The organizers turn to share leadership with Wales, with 5 points each, after their victory over Uruguay by a clear 54-9.

In Group B there was the big surprise of the tournament so far, and that Japan managed to win in South Africa, a selection that will debut in the World Cup against one of the favorites.

2015 rugby world cup

The Japanese are placed in head Samoa, who won the United States, both with 4 points, and South Africa gets 2 points, one by having more trials and another for losing by less than 7 points.

The defending champions New Zealand began to win over one of the two strongest rivals in its group, Argentina. The other, Tonga, staged another surprise of the day by losing to Georgia, in what is the most resounding victory in the history of this selection.

In Group D were no shocks or surprises and all followed the expected script. That is, Ireland apalizara the Canadian team with 43 points difference, and that France cut through Italy. The Azzurri in this group, except surprise, are left to fight for third place and get ticket to the 2019 World Cup.

The results of this first day were as follows:

Group A:

England 35 Fiji 11
Uruguay 54 Wales 9

Group B:

South Africa 32 Japan 34
Samoa 25 United States 16

Group C:

Tonga 10 Georgia 17
New Zealand 26 Argentina 16

Group D:

Ireland 50 Canada 7
France 32 Italy 10