2015 Handball World: Thierry Omeyer tournament MVP

Surf and after the 2015 World Handball, we review below who were awarded individual players throughout the tournament. And for that, we begin with the award for best player of the tournament, the MVP, who has gone as expected, at the hands of a player in France, the team that won the gold medal.

The MVP was for Thierry Omeyer, veteran goalkeeper Bleus. Omeyer has not been the best goalkeeper in the tournament percentage, for that honor has the German Carsten Lichtlein, but the one that has made stops in total. In addition, its performance in key moments of the semifinals and the final was very high, to the point that not yield to that level France would not have taken his fifth World.

2015 handball world

Omeyer heads as best goalkeeper of the tournament the ideal team, which has cast a Spanish player: Valero Rivera. The son of the coach of Qatar has been voted the best left end of the tournament, deserved award after being the top scorer in the Spanish selection and sixth of the entire championship, highlighting its effectiveness above 80%, the best among Tops scorers.

On the other side of the court, the award for best rightmost is what has led the Slovenian Dragan Gajic . In the nine games in which the player has participated French Montpellier, has scored 71 goals in 93 shots, 27 of them from 7 meters, which leaves a percentage of 78%. It is, therefore, the top scorer of the World Cup in Qatar.

The hostess has crept into the ideal team to two of its nationalized, the two sides that long, have been the best team players who ran Rivera. One is Zarko Markovic, who has scored 67 goals and 23 assists, being the best in the tournament accumulated in both classifications. And the other is Rafael Capote, other than being slipped the scorers in the tournament with 48 goals.

The position of best center it has led the French Nikola Karabatic, who takes over on the track when things get complicated were the Gauls, who has signed in Qatar 33 goals and 26 assists. And complete the ideal equipment in the position of best pivot, a player from Poland, Bartosz Jurecki, who has signed 33 goals, the second of the team that won the bronze medal, behind his younger brother Michal.

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